Marlon Brando and the Old Hollywood art of going down on one’s best male friend

Marlon Brando and the Old Hollywood art of going down on one’s best male friend

You are currently viewing Marlon Brando and the Old Hollywood art of going down on one’s best male friend
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Marlon Brando and Wally Cox were unlikely friends. According to The Los Angeles Times, early into their childhood friendship, Brando tied Cox to a tree and left him there on his own. Both rose to their own kinds of fame and even when they were living on opposite coasts, they still found ways to see each other.

With his brooding looks and maverick acting style, Brando was a poster boy for raw, unadulterated masculinity. On the other hand, Cox, with his gentle, nerdy persona, was the quintessential “everyman.” 

Following Cox’s unexpected passing in 1973, Brando kept his best friend’s ashes, telling Time magazine “I have Wally’s ashes in my house. I talk to him all the time.” So it’s not surprising that rumors have circulated for years that these two may have been more than just friends.

And here’s where our tale gets spicy. 

Rumor has it that an image exists of Brando performing fellatio on Cox. We can’t share it here for obvious reasons, but it’s not hard to track down on the internet. While the photo’s veracity cannot be confirmed, its alleged existence has inspired hushed whispers, fevered speculation, and countless Google searches over the years.

Supposedly, according to Brando biographers, the photo was taken at a party as a joke between friends. But the two clearly shared a deep bond; deep enough for Brando to want to keep another man’s ashes in his house and carry them with him in the car sometimes.

There’s an undeniable allure to this image, whether or not it is the two Hollywood stars. Brando, who was open about his bisexuality, represents a picture of machismo that disrupts common stereotypes. For Cox, who largely kept his personal life private, the photo adds a fascinating layer to his quiet persona.

But let’s not overlook the humor in this situation. There’s a delicious irony to be savored here. Imagine Brando — the icon who played Stanley Kowalski in A Streetcar Named Desire, uttering the immortal line, “Stella!” — now in a candid snapshot, proving that real life can be just as dramatic as a Tennessee Williams play.

This tale is a classic reminder of Hollywood’s dual existence. On one hand, you have the glossy exterior — the premieres, red carpets, and Oscar statuettes. On the other hand, you have the tantalizing whispers of what happens behind the scenes. This photo, real or not, embodies the latter — an irresistible peek into the private lives of two iconic stars.

If you’re wondering why this seemingly salacious story still resonates today, especially among the LGBTQ+ community, consider its context. Here we have two prominent figures, allegedly engaging in a sexual act at a time when homosexuality was a taboo topic. The daring nature of this snapshot challenges the restrictive societal norms of their era, making it an emblem of bold self-expression.

Furthermore, the image of Marlon Brando — a symbol of sexuality — engaging in an intimate act with another man questions the underpinnings of “masculinity” in American culture. It also helps to redefine perceptions of masculinity, disrupting the notion that machismo is antithetical to homosexuality.

While the existence of this photo remains unconfirmed, its story provides food for thought. It’s a provocative reminder of the complexity of human sexuality and the fluidity of masculine identity.

Whether it’s a whispered rumor, a piece of Hollywood lore, or a clandestine truth, the tale of Marlon Brando and Wally Cox continues to provoke thought and incite laughter. It serves as a testament to Hollywood’s dichotomous nature — its capacity for both glamorous artifice and raw authenticity.

And who knows? Maybe one day, proof of its authenticity will surface, setting the internet ablaze with a million memes, countless think-pieces, and a whole new wave of discourse. Until then, we have our imagination; sometimes, that’s more than enough. 


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