Tom Daley prompts everyone to zoom in on his bulge with thirsty bathroom selfie

Tom Daley prompts everyone to zoom in on his bulge with thirsty bathroom selfie

You are currently viewing Tom Daley prompts everyone to zoom in on his bulge with thirsty bathroom selfie
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Diver Tom Daley is on vacation in Greece. A photo he posted yesterday probably prompted all who saw it to zoom in on one particular detail: Just what is that wording across his bulge?

We mean, that is the only reason you zoomed in, right?

Unsurprisingly, the lettering reveals the brand of swimwear. The speedo-style briefs come from KVRT STVFF. The make promotes itself as “designed for anyone who feels confident in their own skin.” You can check out more of its designs, which include neon pink jockstraps, on its Instagram page.

Tom captioned his photo, “Holding on to summer”. He included several other shots in the photo dump, including his husband Dustin Lance Black soaking up the sun at a beautiful, beachside location.

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Dustin Lance Black reveals “serious head injury”

A day earlier, Dustin revealed there was a more serious reason for their Greek escape.

Returning to Instagram after an absence of a few weeks, Dustin said, “So I vanished for a while… A month ago I sustained a serious head injury that put me out of commission.

“Showing little improvement, my doctors ordered me to shut off my brain in hopes of it healing. This has been a challenging, frightening time for a creative type who depends on what’s in his skull to work, care and love. And now I understand the road back will be long. But this week my sweet, over-the-top husband took us to the Greek Islands to make me shut off.

“I can already feel this trip is a step in the right direction, and I finally feel safe sharing a bit again. Thank you for all of your love and patience. More to come. Promise.”

Incident during date night

Dustin revealed no more about the nature of his head injury. However, a month ago, he was involved in an incident at a gay bar, Freedom, in London. He was struck on the back of the head by a well-known, local club promoter and subsequently called the police to investigate.

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London’s Metropolitan Police confirmed at the time to The Sun, “Police were called at 00:29hrs on Thursday, 18 August to a club in Wardour Street following reports of an altercation involving a man in his 40s and a woman in her 30s. There were no arrests. Enquiries continue.”

A spokesperson for Dustin Lance Black told the newspaper the screenwriter and producer called police after someone “punched him in the back of the head.” They said Daley and Black were out enjoying a date night without four-year-old son Robbie.

“Tom and Lance were out on a date night without Robbie. They went to Freedom after dinner.

“Someone punched Lance in the back of the head, the person who punched him was removed from Freedom by security who checked CCTV, it was reported to police who are looking into it.”

Related or not, here’s wishing Dustin a full and speedy recovery!


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