This TikToker is trying to figure out why someone on Sniffies keeps sending random guys to her door

This TikToker is trying to figure out why someone on Sniffies keeps sending random guys to her door

You are currently viewing This TikToker is trying to figure out why someone on Sniffies keeps sending random guys to her door
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Mizdeeliving on TikTok
(Photo: @mizdeeliving/TikTok)

A woman saw a couple of her videos go super viral over the holidays after strange men began knocking at her door.

TikTok user @mizdeeliving posted the first video just before Christmas. She said that someone in an Amazon uniform turned up at the front door of the apartment. He didn’t have a delivery for her, and when she answered, he seemed confused. He said he thought he had the wrong address and left.

She didn’t think too much about it. Until another man knocked on her door a little later. By now, she was getting spooked. She’d seen the man hanging around outside and checking his phone. She asked him more directly why he was there and he told her it was because of a meetup he’d arranged via Sniffies.

For those unaware, Sniffies is a map-based hookup platform that’s a little like Grindr. However, it’s more explicit than Grindr. Users can use photos of body parts as their main profile image.

Because of this, you can’t download a Sniffies app as it does not conform to the usual Apple store and Google store terms and conditions. Instead, you can access it via the website or the web app on your phone.

If Sniffies is new to you, it was certainly also new to @mizdeeliving. Here she is sharing the story online.

@mizdeeliving No judgement but yall help me out! Sniffies? Is this whats happening?? #wfh #storytime #weird #fyppp #foryou #sniffies #sniffy ♬ original sound – mizdeeliving

TikTok users were amused, with one suggesting she put a sign up on her door saying, “No sniffles here.”

Another said, “NOT SNIFFIES!! Grindr’s devil child”

“Is it Grindr?”

For her own safety, @mizdeeliving filmed the second man showing up. The video, in which she whispers to the stranger “Is it Grindr?”, has amassed over 5 million views. A third man also showed up at the end of the clip.

@mizdeeliving Replying to @sayhellovam and will! I thought I was Trippin I knew something was up. Now we’re trying to determine if someone is trying to be funny, or mistakenly put in the wrong apartment number. I do have a camera on the way. It will be here tomorrow and installed on my door. #storytime #weird #fyppp #foryou #random #ringcamera #sniffiesapp ♬ original sound – mizdeeliving

In a third video, posted 24 hours later, she answered some of the questions posted by viewers. She said she knew it was risky to open the door to strange men but got a feeling the people knocking at her door were genuinely there by mistake and confused. 

She also said she didn’t think anyone was maliciously using her address on the website as she couldn’t think of anyone who bore her a grudge and would do such a thing. Mizdeeliving thought it was more likely someone had made a mistake typing their address in. 

Some commented that Sniffies would likely see a spike in interest following her experiences.

“Not you about to become a Sniffies ambassador,” joked one.

Mizdeeliving says she had, by this stage, created her own anonymous profile to work out how the app worked. She was still unsure why the three men showed up when they did but thought it was perhaps down to it being during a typical lunch break. She also discovered her neighborhood was a Sniffies “hotspot.”

In a further video, she revealed she has invested in a Ring doorbell camera so she can see who is at her door.

@mizdeeliving Replying to @Nate baby the @Ring camera is doing its thing! @Sniffies help me!! Watched the pinned videos on my page to catch up on the tea. #foryou #update #sniffies #storytime #ringcameracapture #helpmeout #fyp #storytimeupdate #datingapps #datingwebsites ♬ original sound – mizdeeliving

Overall, most people praised her for the way she handled her unexpected visitors.

“You handled this situation beautifully! No judgement, no homophobia, just vibes and understanding. 😂”

Queerty has reached out to @mizdeeliving for further comment. We have also reached out to Sniffies.


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