Irish bad boys, rugby princes & more lucky picks to stream for St. Patrick’s Day weekend

Irish bad boys, rugby princes & more lucky picks to stream for St. Patrick’s Day weekend

You are currently viewing Irish bad boys, rugby princes & more lucky picks to stream for St. Patrick’s Day weekend
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Nicholas Galitzine in Handsome Devil. Photo credit: Treasure Entertainment

Don’t you just love an Irish brogue? 

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here! The annual Irish celebration has pots of gold, good beer, rainbows… it’s basically another Pride!

All kidding aside, we found some fabulous Irish films and TV shows to stream this St. Patty’s weekend while you wait for your kiss at the end of the rainbow, with handsome stars like Shawn Hatosy, Nicholas Galitzine, Andrew Scott, and Rufus Sewell to make up the perfect four-leaf clover. 🍀 

Check out these queer-themed Irish streaming picks this St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

Handsome Devil

You guys, Nicholas Galitzine and Andrew Scott are in! In this 2016 film by John Butler, Ned (Fionn O’Shea), an outcast at an elite Ireland boarding school. Ned, who hates rugby, is thrown for a loop when rugby prodigy Conor (Galitzine) shows up as his new roomie. Ned and Conor become friends and Ned learns about Conor’s sexuality. Scott appears as Mr. Sherry, a gay English teacher who takes Ned and Conor under his wing. If you can’t get enough of Galitzine, enjoy him in his sweaty rugby-playing glory here.

Now streaming on Peacock, Tubi, Kanopy, Dekkoo and Plex. Available to rent digitally on Amazon.

Derry Girls

Taking place in Derry, Northern Ireland, this beloved comedy-drama stars Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell, Nicola Coughlan, and Dylan Llewellyn as a group of friends in the 1990s. The show features side-splitting comedy but also explores the changing cultural norms of the time, as well as the tensions of the Troubles, the Northern Ireland conflict. Coughlan’s character, Clare, comes out as a lesbian in the first season and the show takes great care in telling her story, including her first kiss with a girl.

Now streaming on Netflix.

Borstal Boy

Based on famed Irish writer Brendan Behan’s memoir, this 2002 Peter Sheridan film stars the exceedingly gorgeous Shawn Hatosy as a fictionalized version of young Behan, sent to a youth reform prison in the late 1930s for his activism in the Irish Republican Army. When Behan meets and falls for both a girl (Eva Birthistle) and a young male sailor (the incredible Danny Dyer), he struggles with his sexuality, his allegiance to Ireland while finding a passion for literature. If you’ve seen the talented Hatosy and Dyer in any of their adult roles, you’ll love the two young actors.

Available to rent digitally on Amazon.

A Man Of No Importance

In Suri Krishnamma’s 1994 drama, Albert Finney stars as Alfred Byrne, a gay bus driver in 1963 Dublin who mounts community theater productions of Oscar Wilde plays. He makes a stir when he tries to direct a production of the sexy and taboo (for the time) Salome, causing the local community to turn against him. Alfred also strikes up a friendship with the hunky, rough-and-tumble Robbie (Rufus Sewell), who is kind to Alfred despite their differences. If you enjoy the film, look up the cast recording of the stirring musical adaptation on Spotify.

Now streaming on Fubo, Peacock, Roku, Tubi, Crackle, Pluto TV, Shout TV and Plex. Available to rent digitally on Amazon.

The Kicker…

One of TV’s great love stories has a St. Patrick’s Day special! Although Stefon (Bill Hader) and Seth Meyers already found their pot o’ gold and lived happily ever after on SNL, Stefon returned to “Weekend Update” in 2018 to give some Irish picks for the holiday. What could go wrong?


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