WWE World Heavyweight Champ Damian Priest is proud to be the “Bisexual Undertaker”

WWE World Heavyweight Champ Damian Priest is proud to be the “Bisexual Undertaker”

You are currently viewing WWE World Heavyweight Champ Damian Priest is proud to be the “Bisexual Undertaker”
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Damian Priest may be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, fresh off a dramatic win at WrestleMania. But in our eyes, he’ll always be “Bisexual Undertaker.”

Allow us to explain…

For those unaware, the Undertaker is one of the most revered characters in pro wrestling history. The Lord of Darkness ruled over the WWE for decades, winning four WWE championships and burying opponents with his devastating Tombstone pile driver.

With that in mind, being compared to the Undertaker is a great compliment for any up-and-comer. But for Priest, the comparison is curious.

Though he identifies as straight, fans have bestowed him with the “Bisexual Undertaker” moniker. The nickname was even trending following his WrestleMania triumph.

But what does it mean exactly?

Priest says he’s dumbfounded. “I don’t even know what that means,” he confessed in a recent interview.

The question is also an active mystery among wrestling fans, with multiple Reddit threads devoted to the burning topic.

“It’s kinda hard to explain, he just has that vibe, like a daddy vibe,” said a user named “gayspacemice,” who we’re assuming is an expert on the subject.

“Like when he’s wearing skintight leather pants, a purple velvet shirt barely covering his body, eyeliner and big a** biker boots he just looks like he’s on the hunt. It’s likely just projection from the community; he’s the bisexual icon we all want in WWE.”

That works for us! Another Reddit user said the title is appropriate, because Priest wears eyeliner and has “immaculate” eyebrows.

“Best skin too. His face is flawless, need him to drop the skincare routine,” added an admirer.

After perusing Priest’s Instagram, we would say the hype is deserved. The 6-foot-5 grappler is definitely gorgeous!

Priest defeated Drew McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania in extraordinary fashion, cashing in his “Money in the Bank” briefcase following an attack from CM Punk.

It’s worth noting that Punk is an ally as well. The iconic wrestler went viral last June for holding a sign that said “support LGBTQ+ kids” in the center of the ring.

Thanks to the element of surprise, it only took Priest a few seconds to depose of McIntyre, and capture his first heavyweight crown. “Bisexual Undertaker” hath risen, along with the nearly 146,000 fans in attendance.

There have been a couple of out wrestlers in WWE history.

Darren Young was the first out gay performer, while Sonya Deville was the first woman on the roster to come out as LGBTQ+. The most famous active out wrestler is Anthony Bowens, the trailblazing AEW champion.

It wasn’t that long ago when a straight wrestler probably would’ve been perturbed about called bisexual. But Priest is a great sport about the the nickname. It’s a sign of the times.

In the aforementioned interview, Priest also reacts to another one of his gay-coded nicknames: “babygirl.” He says one of his wrestling partners, Rhea Ripley, loves to tease him about that.

“The big one that Rhea gets happy about is the group of fans that call me ‘babygirl,’” he said. “She thinks it’s the funniest thing, and I’m like, ‘What is that? Why?’”

We can explain! Baby girls are having a moment right now, with women and gay men alike ditching toxically masculine bros for sensitive sweeties. As explained by Alex Abad-Santos at Vox, the phrase emanates from a desire to “meme grown men into gentle, manageable things.”

Or as the Today Show put it (yes, the Today Show), a man who is over 25 and “cutesy in a slightly submissive way.” 💀💀💀

Perhaps the ultimate babygirl is Jacob Elordi, the insanely cute Australian actor who isn’t afraid to show off his affectionate side. Anybody who saw Saltburn knows what we’re talking about…

Elordi, like a good babygirl, embraces the description.

One wouldn’t expect a big, tough wrestler to embrace any nickname that presents him in an effeminate light. But then again, Priest isn’t just any pro wrestler.

He’s “babygirl,” remember?


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