Lara Trump’s latest scheme to raise money for the RNC is shameless

Lara Trump’s latest scheme to raise money for the RNC is shameless

You are currently viewing Lara Trump’s latest scheme to raise money for the RNC is shameless
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Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump, recently became co-chair of the RNC (Republican National Committee). Before and since her election, Lara has emphasized her number one priority: raising money to secure election victory for Donald.

A new message sent out by the RNC suggests she’s come up with some imaginative ways to achieve this goal. Oh, and that she takes notes directly from the Donald Trump playbook.

A text message received by Republican supporters this week said, “Lara Trump nominated you for LIVING LEGEND STATUS. This is the highest honor the co-chair can bestow, and she selected YOU.”

It then included a link for more details. This turns out just to be a redirect to a page where people can donate money.

“This is not a drill! You’ve been selected as a Republican Living Legend in recognition of your unwavering commitment to conservative values. This highly coveted award can only be bestowed upon the most important Patriots in the Republican Party, and we chose YOU.”

The RNC website page asking for donations

It’s all a tad confusing as another page on the RNC website suggests anyone can sign up to become a “Living Legend” if they provide the organization with their name, email, and phone number.

An RNC webpage

And what are the benefits of “Living Legend” status? You get a discount voucher to spend at the GOP merchandise store, ‘First look at new store items”, and “Updates from Chairman Whatley”, among other “coveted” perks.

Jenna Ellis

One person amused to receive the text messages from Lara is former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis.

Ellis is widely disliked by some MAGA supporters of the former President. The RICO charges leveled at Trump in Georgia included Ellis as a co-defendant. She took a plea deal and escaped jail time. Eliis agreed to work with prosecutors as they continue their case against the former President. He denies the charges against him.

In the eyes of some Trump supporters, this makes Ellis disloyal. In fact, anything other than a “Living Legend”.

Ellis shared a screengrab of her “Living Legend” invite to her X account, joking she would add this new title to her bio.

Ellis went on to joke she was changing her pronouns to “living/legend”.

Donald Trump’s urgent need for money

It’s doubtful that even a rush of gullible supporters snapping up their “Living Legend” status will help Donald Trump.

The former President is facing a flood of financial damages and legal fees. He currently has until March, 25, to come up with over $460 million after his civil fraud trial in Manhattan. District Attorney Letitia James has made it clear she’s prepared to seize property and assets from Trump if he fails to pay or secure a bond.

Donald Trump also has to come up with over $83 million in defamation costs to writer E. Jean Carroll.

Online, some have wondered what money-making scheme Lara will come up with next. She has already hinted a workout video may be on the way. Watch her announcement below.


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