Meet the Hebridean Baker, our burly new Scottish TikTok crush

Meet the Hebridean Baker, our burly new Scottish TikTok crush

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Coinneach MacLeod, who posts on TikTok as the Hebridean Baker, stands in a rustic brick doorway. He wears a furry winter hat covering both his ears and smiles brightly. He has a thick brown beard with hints of gray and stands in a red apron, wearing a colorful warm knit sweater underneath and holding a yellow bowl and wood mixing spoon.

Have you ever dreamt of a strong and handsome Scottish man scooping you up, taking you home, and asking –– in his thick, deep accent –– “What do you want for dinner?”

We can’t guarantee the fantasy, but we can introduce you to the next best thing: burly Scottish culinary sensation Coinneach MacLeod, also known as the Hebridean Baker.

The 49-year-old gay Scotsman has amassed over 370,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok by sharing authentic clips from his homeland on The Hebrides.

The success has translated into a series of cookbooks –– including his latest release The Hebridean Baker: At Home which arrived this month–– as well as international book tours and the title of best-selling cookbook author in Scotland.

On top of that, he’s not bad to look at either!

In his new cookbook, MacLeod turned to the history and traditions of the Scottish island where he resides with his partner Peter MacQueen for inspiration.

In between delicious recipes like Leek Bread, Salmon Wellington, and Marmalade Shortbread, he interweaves folklore, photography, and stories.

And somehow, he makes this whole baking thing look easy.

@hebrideanbaker Marmalade Soufflé #hebrideanbaker #fyp #recipe #baker #marmalade #souffle ♬ The Ogham Stone – Michael McGoldrick

It also seems he’s inspired Scotland as much as his home influenced him.

Although the country is historically progressive and accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s not exactly known for its gay culture.

MacLeod’s content has not only inspired gays, theys, and allies to get into the kitchen, it’s also made the Scottish queer community more visible –– a feat he was recently honored for with a Scottish LGBT Culture Award.

“Unintentionally, we really have impacted a lot on the LGBT community in rural Scotland because for probably one of the first times they’ve had somebody from the islands who has, you know, stood out and told their story,” he told Edge Media Network.

And while MacLeod’s culinary skills and openness are certainly part of his appeal, it’s the intimate peek into his lifestyle that has fans enamored.

MacLeod and Peter are “hutters,” living off grid in the peaceful Scottish hills where they prioritize connections with nature, community, and focus on life’s simple pleasures. (MacQueen even released his own book The Art of Living Off-Grid).

The two men make content that isn’t aspirational, but educational, teaching people around the world about Scottish history, culture, and their way of life.

“What was intentional in the beginning was [we] wanted to share what we do,” MacLeod told Edge Media Network. “The content we created wasn’t, ‘Ah, let’s do this because it will look great on social media,’ we just showed what our lives were like.”

Here are five quick facts about our new Scottish TikTok crush.

1. He’s got an amazing singing voice.

Is there anything this man can’t do?! This past Christmas, MacLeod and his partner honored their heritage by releasing a Gaelic rendition of “Auld Lang Syne” as the Hogmanay Boys.

The two also shared their traditional holiday celebration in a BBC Alba special: Nollaig sa Bhothaig, “a Scottish off-grid hutting Christmas.”

2. MacLeod can also make a mean cocktail.

@hebrideanbaker Burns Night Whisky Espresso #fyp #hebrideanbaker #burnsnight #whisky #cocktail #scotland #robertburns ♬ Dark Sky, New Moon – Hò-rò

MacLeod can whip up a good meal, but he’s not a bad mixologist either! In a recent TikTok, he showed off his genius recipe for a whiskey espresso ahead of Burns Night –– a Scottish holiday honoring poet Robert Burns.

Sláinte indeed!

3. He’s touring North America – again!

@hebrideanbaker Have you booked your tickets for the Hebridean Baker book tour? Go to #hebrideanbaker #scotland #usa #outlander #canada ♬ Gortavale Rock / Road to Poynton (Live) – Kinnaris Quintet

After a sold-out book tour in promotion of his last cookbook The Hebridean Baker: My Scottish Island Kitchen, MacLeod is hitting the road again!

From the clips, it looks like his events put the “gay” in Gaelic across North America, with signings, whiskey, bagpipes, and traditional garb. Check out his tour dates here.

4. He loves to travel.

@hebrideanbaker My @Macs Adventure hike to the Douro Valley in Portugal #macsadventure #macsmoment #hebrideanbaker #douro #portugal ♬ The Ogham Stone – Michael McGoldrick

Even though Scotland has no shortage of scenic landscapes, MacLeod is an avid traveler and loves sharing his often solo and self-guided travels to places like Portugal, Iceland, and even Provincetown.

Naturally, he tends to eat at the most amazing restaurants.

5. He looks great in a kilt.

Need we say more? Booking our flights to Scotland ASAP!

@hebrideanbaker Cold water plunging in a very wintery Scottish Highlands! #hebrideanbaker #wildswimming #scotland ♬ Meals by Maurice: Uncle Dimitri / Mj’s Favourite / Meals by Maurice (Live) – The East Pointers

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