Yet another pop princess is blatantly copying Madonna & this time it’s VERY personal

Yet another pop princess is blatantly copying Madonna & this time it’s VERY personal

You are currently viewing Yet another pop princess is blatantly copying Madonna & this time it’s VERY personal
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Madonna and Lourdes Leon

Madonna has been inspiring younger generations of emerging pop stars for decades.

From Britney and J.Lo to Miley and, of course, Gaga, the Queen of Pop’s influence is undeniable.

And on the eve of the launch of her 40-year career spanning Celebration Tour, the Mother of all divas is getting the ultimate compliment by having one of her most iconic music videos reimagined … by her own daughter.

On Wednesday, Madonna’s eldest child, Lourdes Leon, reignited her burgeoning pop career by paying homage to her mom’s blockbuster hit “Frozen” in her new haunting music video “Spelling.”

Released in 1998, “Frozen” was the lead single off Madonna’s Grammy-winning Ray of Light album and went all the way to number two on Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The video for the moody electronic track saw Madonna hovering over the desert like a gothic witch who transforms into a murder of black crows.

Lourdes, who performs under the moniker Lolahol, channels the same sinister vibe in “Spelling.” The clip begins with the possessed 26-year-old floating above a blighted landscape decked out in a long black dress before shapeshifting into a flock of black birds.

Other nods to “Frozen” include Madonna’s daughter morphing into a black Dobermann and performing an interpretive dance beside two doppelgangers.

Watch Lolahol in action:

Lourdes spoke of her mother’s massive influence in a social media post.

“This piece is very special. It’s an homage to my mother’s timeless piece of art ‘Frozen’. That piece has come up countless times in my life, connecting the two of us,” she wrote on Instagram.

“I would be nothing without the woman who brought me into the world . I revere her, and hope that this translates.” Lourdes is Madonna’s daughter with former dancer/celebrity trainer Carlos Leon.

Madonna herself appears to be pleased with her daughter’s tribute video as she shared the clip to her Instagram Story and included a fire emoji. It’s all about mother’s approval!

“Spelling” is the follow-up to Lourdes’ 2022 debut EP GO. The 5-song experimental electronic record included the singles “Lock&Key,” “Giovanni’s Room,” and “C*ntradiction.”

Earlier this summer, Lourdes showed off her stage persona during a live performance at the Brava Madrid Music Festival in Spain.

Madonna is set to launch her Celebration Tour on Saturday at London’s O2 Arena. While it’s unclear if Lourdes will join mommy on any of the stage spectacle’s dates, the pair previously collaborated on “Frozen” during Madonna’s Madame X Tour in 2019.

Lourdes danced in the backdrop visuals as Madonna sang the song live. It was one of the highlights of the immersive and intimate concert extravaganza.


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