WATCH: Queens face drag bans, possible arrest & “religious cult” accusations in the return of ‘We’re Here’

WATCH: Queens face drag bans, possible arrest & “religious cult” accusations in the return of ‘We’re Here’

You are currently viewing WATCH: Queens face drag bans, possible arrest & “religious cult” accusations in the return of ‘We’re Here’
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Image Credit: ‘We’re Here,’ HBO

Initially sold as “Queer Eye, but with drag queens,” HBO’s reality series We’re Here has continued to evolve to meet the times, with each season feeling more urgent than the last.

“Four seasons later, it’s actually harder to be out and proud,” says new series co-host Priyanka. “We’re not hiding. We’re not going anywhere.”

At its core, the initial premise remains intact: A group of Drag Race alum travel to towns across the U.S., recruiting locals to be their “daughters,” teaching them the basics of drag, and putting on a show for the whole community to see—teaching lessons about love, inclusion, and self-acceptance along the way.

While its not uncommon that the queens would encounter pushback—and sometimes outright homophobia—in small-town America, the newest season finds them sashaying right into the middle of a war on drag itself, at an increasingly divisive time where anti-LGBTQ+ legislation is popping up all over the country.

To meet the shifting socio-political landscape, We’re Here has made some adjustments to its tried and true formula.

Image Credit: ‘We’re Here,’ HBO

First and foremost is the cast. This time around, our brave drag delegates include: Boundary-pushing, genderqueer New York art scene staple—and author—Sasha Velour (the winner of Drag Race Season 9); midwest-born pageant queen and fan favorite Jaida Essence Hall (Season 12 winner, who also competed on the all-winners All Stars 7); seasoned TV host and burgeoning pop star Priyanka (winner of Canada’s Drag Race season 1); and lovable former Miss Congeniality with an incredible story to share, Latrice Royale (Season 4, as well as All-Stars 1 and 4).

This time around, as opposed to visiting a new town each episode, the six-part new season will split its time across two communities— Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Tulsa, Oklahoma—really allowing the queens to dig their heels into each.

As series co-creator and executive producer Johnnie Ingram recently put it, both of these places are “sadly leading the anti-drag and anti-trans legislation in the U.S,” meaning the queens—and the locals fighting for equality—will face more obstacles than ever before.

And we get more than a few glimpses of that in the brand-new season trailer. At one point, Sasha and Priyanka are seen speaking with a young woman who describes the LGBTQ+ community as a religious cult. At another, the queens are told by an off-camera producer that there’s a chance they could be arrested should they choose to move forward with their drag show.

Image Credit: ‘We’re Here,’ HBO

But ignorance and threats can’t deter We’re Here from its noble mission, and one again it looks like we’re in store for another season of resilience, happy tears, compassion, and (of course) some fierce drag excellence, from the pros and amateur queens alike.

The new season returns April 26 to HBO (and streaming on Max), with new episodes dropping every Friday. Check out the trailer below:


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