Olympic swimmer Alex Di Giorgio is a new instructor at Barry’s & we’re already sweating

Olympic swimmer Alex Di Giorgio is a new instructor at Barry’s & we’re already sweating

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We’re ready to sweat!

Two-time Olympic swimmer Alex Di Giorgio was recently hired as one of the newest instructors for Barry’s Milan location. His first class was last Saturday.

Di Giorgio, 33, was openly gay throughout his swimming career. He represented Italy as a freestyle specialist at the 2012 Olympics and Rio 2016, finishing in the top 10 each time.

Overall, he took home 35 medals at the Italian championships, 14 of which were gold!

The Olympic Rings are tattooed on the left side of his torso.

Despite Di Giorgio’s success in the pool, the Olympian struggled to attract sponsors. He’s indicated his sexuality played a role in his difficulties.

“Unfortunately this is the case and not only in the races,” he said in an interview. “I could write a whole book about this, but I’ll stop there.

As an out gay athlete, Di Giorgio said he often felt isolated.

“In the sporting environment it was not accepted,” he said, via Breaking Latest. “Swimming has given me a very lonely setting.”

A relatively conservative nation, Italy had five out athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and 2022 Winter Games combined, all of whom were women.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her Brothers of Italy party are chipping away at LGBTQ+ rights, notably with national restrictions against surrogacy. The thinking is that banning surrogacy will make it more difficult for gay couples to have children. 

In addition, Italian city councils were directed earlier this year to stop including same-sex couples on birth certificates. The City of Milan, where Di Giorgio resides, was the last major holdout.

Italy is one of the few nations in Western Europe where same-sex marriage is still illegal.

But Di Giorgio is determined to remain visible. His big star turn came last year, when he made history on Italy’s rendition of Dancing with the Stars. He and his partner, Moreno Porcu, were the first ever out gay pairing in the show’s history.

During the semifinal round, contestants were asked to share a personal story through music or dance. Di Giorgio talked about the fear he experienced when his ex-boyfriend outed him with a photograph.

“The entertainment environment is different from sports. Here it is more accepted,” he said. “One day I pick up the phone and find 50 messages from my friends. There were pictures of me cuddling with another guy.”

“I felt sinking, betrayed. I was unmasked by the person I loved. It put me in the position of having to justify myself as if I had lied to everyone around me.”

Now out and proud, Di Giorgio is a staple at some of Milan’s most illustrious events, including Fashion Week.

We must say, our man looks pretty good in a tux.

It’s not surprising he’s inked some modeling deals…

Though if we’re being honest, we think he looks best in a speedo.

It’s a compliment!

With more than 181,000 followers on Instagram, Di Giorgio’s Barry’s classes promise to be packed.


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