Twit Awards for the Week 5/6/24

Twit Awards for the Week 5/6/24

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene seems to be engaging in outlandish behavior with the intention of getting publicity, so we try to ignore her most of the time. This week, she reposted a video from a parent who asked his transgender daughter some questions, on the day before her tenth birthday. Of course, Marjorie Taylor Greene misgendered the transgender child, but she also shares the comments from a right-winger’s social media posts, including a questionable claim that gender-confirming surgery will make this grown-up child unable to enjoy sex. For furthering the fiction that transgender children “grow out of it,” and for adding to it claims about trans children’s future sex lives—that are not supported by research, Marjorie Taylor Greene and Chris Elstgon (who goes by the name Billboard Chris online) share a Twit Award. PinkNews has this story.

A non-binary person named Dee Whitnell said that their gender expression changes with the seasons, from wearing shorts in the summer to skirts and dresses in the winter. Jesse Watters of Fox News took this information and made a totally fictional idea that Mx. Whitnell’s gender identity was changing. For presuming to be more of an expert on someone else’s gender than the person themselves, and for commenting without listening to understand, Jesse Watters and Fox News gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Hutchins and Jenner.

You know of Caitlyn Jenner, but do you know of her presumed partner? Sophia Hutchins is a transgender woman and board member of the Log Cabin Republicans, a group which leaves transgender people behind while promoting its own political agenda. The Log Cabin Republicans not only promote candidates who sponsor and vote for bans on gender-affirming medical care for minors but also those who want to ban gender-affirming medical care for adults. She says that Donald Trump “is the best president for LGBT people in the history of the country, folks.” Former President Trump has promoted a nationwide ban on gender-affirming medical care for minors, despite showing little understanding of what such a ban would entail. When talking of Caitlyn, Hutchins has been heard to deadname her, and has been quoted using male pronouns to refer to Jenner. For promoting candidates who work to undermine the rights of transgender people, and for deadnaming and misgendering, Sophia Hutchins gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

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