Oh god, Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis is reportedly eyeing a career in television next

Oh god, Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis is reportedly eyeing a career in television next

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Ron DeSantis

It’s fair to say that Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis didn’t exactly impress on the presidential campaign trail. The Florida governor struggled to connect with voters or even socialize like a human being. And when he did laugh, it was off-putting.

Very, very off-putting…

DeSantis’ alienating personality is one of the primary reasons his campaign was doomed from the start, along with nonstop infighting and his penchant for pushing hard-right policies.

The gay-hating governor made demonizing LGBTQ+ people a central component of his platform, only to be exposed for seemingly wearing heels.

When responding to the accusations, he showed off his comedian chops… by raging about foot fetishes.

“This is no time for foot fetishes,” he declared on Newsmax, before offering to “wear a boot on his head” if Trump showed up to one of the primary debates (spoiler: he did not).

DeSantis dropped out of the race before the New Hampshire primary, endorsing Trump, despite the now-convicted felon alleging without evidence that the governor “groomed” students when he was a high school teacher.

Since returning to Florida, DeSantis has suffered an array of humiliating defeats. Several of his signature anti-LGBTQ+ policies have been clawed back, with him even admitting failure on his infamous school book bans.

Rocked with a homeowners insurance crisis and deteriorating living conditions, Florida isn’t in a great place right now. And DeSantis could be looking for an escape hatch.

But one of his rumored exit strategies is as hilarious as… the image of “Meatball Ron” eating pudding with his fingers (he story he denies, FWIW).

Following a recent fill-in spot for Sean Hannity, DeSantis is apparently itching to get behind the camera or microphone. “DeSantis is gunning for his own show,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

Another insider added that “Ron wouldn’t hesitate to jump ship for a big TV deal.”


Our feelings exactly!

It’s worth noting that DeSantis’ office flatly denies the report from In Touch. “Once again, I’m reminding everyone that unless you hear it from [DeSantis, Casey DeSantis, communications director Bryan Griffin, spokeswoman Christina Pushaw] or me… it’s fake news,” the governor’s press sec told Florida’s Voice.

With his gubernatorial term running through 2026, it will be a while before DeSantis leaves Tallahassee. And minimizing LGBTQ+ people still appears to be at the top of his agenda.

DeSantis kicked off Pride Month in the most petty way possible, decreeing that Florida bridges could only be lit in red, white and blue from Memorial Day through Labor Day. That means no rainbow lights on the Sunshine State’s biggest passage ways this summer.

But the gays, per usual, found a clever workaround. Last Friday night, queer folx and allies walked onto the Acosta Bridge in Jacksonville with flashlights and lit up the skyline.

Jacksonville.com reports that around 70 protestors walked along the pedestrian walkway beside the Main Street bridge.

Protesters owning DeSantis is a common theme. During one particularly embarrassing incident last summer, two protesters–that’s right, two–cut short one of his sparsely attempted campaign stops in Iowa. The women told DeSantis to head back to Florida, and called him “pudding fingers” for good measure.

Rather than engage, Mr. “Never Back Down” ran right back onto his bus.

A notorious social weirdo, DeSantis has never shown himself to be quick on his feet… or comfortable conversing. This is man who struggles to make small talk with young children at the state fair.

It’s hard to imagine him adding levity to any situation.

When it comes to DeSantis’ personality, Joe Gruters, former chairperson of the Florida GOP, put it best: “The more he is met by people, the more they are not going to like him.”

A career in conservative media may make people forget about DeSantis’ presidential campaign run… but for all of the wrong reasons.

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