TV reporter Steven Romo & his weatherman husband’s storybook romance is almost as gorgeous as they are

TV reporter Steven Romo & his weatherman husband’s storybook romance is almost as gorgeous as they are

You are currently viewing TV reporter Steven Romo & his weatherman husband’s storybook romance is almost as gorgeous as they are
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Steven Romo and Stephen Morgan are the epitome of wedded bliss.

NBC News correspondent Romo, 38, and Fox Weather meteorologist Morgan, 34, tied the knot in October 2022, one year after getting engaged and simultaneously publicly coming out on social media.

“It took me years to see—despite what people at church might’ve said—being gay saved me. It made me strong. Strong enough to eventually stand next to the best human I’ve ever met and ask him to marry me,” Romo captioned a photo alongside Morgan as they flashed their engagement rings.

In a personal essay, Romo recently divulged how he never thought he’d fall in love or be vocal about being gay until meeting Morgan at a political event in 2018. At the time, the duo worked for competing news stations in Houston and maintained a casual friendship as they were both with other partners.

Two years later, they were both single and Romo decided to ask Morgan out on a coffee date, just as the world was shutting down in the midst of the global pandemic.

The pair’s connection was instant. Romo felt comfortable enough to share vulnerable details about his difficult childhood and strained relationship with his mother and Morgan responded “with compassion and interest, but importantly, not with pity.”

“I have a hard time opening up to people and being myself. But for some reason I was telling my life story to Stephen,” Romo told the New York Times.

Weeks after they started dating, Morgan received a job offer in New York City. Without skipping a beat, Romo decided to quit his job and relocate to the Big Apple too. He knew he had found his person!

It was during a trip to find a Manhattan apartment that Romo decided to pop the question. It wasn’t completely last minute as he had bought two rings prior to heading to New York.

“It was a muggy summer night and the streets felt wet even though it wasn’t raining. As I leaned up against a massive concrete planter, I pulled the rings out of my soccer shorts’ pocket and I asked him if he’d marry me,” Romo wrote in the HuffPo essay. “He said yes. We got teary-eyed. Then, we snapped the selfie.”

Over the next year, the husbands-to-be settled in New York, started their jobs, and began planning their wedding.

On October 8, 2022, the hunky lovebirds said “I do” in front of 125 friends and family at an outdoor ceremony at The Filter Building on White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.

Wearing matching tuxedos, the intimate gathering went off without a hitch.

“Standing up there in front of people I love most in the world, it was so important for me to capture what it’s meant for me to find Stephen,” Romo told People. “It is something I truly never thought was possible.”

“He doesn’t want to live without me,” added Morgan. “And I can’t imagine living without him.” Swoon!

Since their big day, the couple have been keeping fans updated with images from their exotic vacations, romantic moments, and the occasional thirst trap. Thank you, Sirs!

Romo and Morgan’s love continues to grow as they recently expanded their family.

In October, the pair welcomed their newest member — a white pup named Cumulus.

The adorable pooch appears to be as fond of the couple’s 5 inch inseams as we are!

Romo hopes his story can be of value and inspire other LGBTQ+ members who may feel they are not worthy of love, the way he did while growing up.

“I share this because I feel like my love story is the closest thing to miraculous that I’ve experienced. And the idea that our love is less than anyone else’s is dangerous,” Romo shared.

“Most kids are taught that heterosexuality is the ideal from their earliest moments. Letting children know that gay people exist, and do in fact love each other, is not only OK — it is vital.”

Amen, Mr & Mr. Romo-Morgan!

Check out a few more photos of Steven Romo and Stephen Morgan looking absolutely gorgeous and all loved up together:

Steven Romo and Stephen Morgan


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