UFC champ Jon Jones just became ensnared in a very bizarre “gay” controversy

UFC champ Jon Jones just became ensnared in a very bizarre “gay” controversy

You are currently viewing UFC champ Jon Jones just became ensnared in a very bizarre “gay” controversy
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Jon Jones

Jon Jones’ fiancée was in the ring celebrating with him when he won the UFC Heavyweight Championship upon his return last year. But that hasn’t stopped one prominent MMA YouTuber from calling the all-time great fighter “gay.”

A creator named “The MMA Guru” posted a video last week accusing Jones of being closeted and calling him a “loser.” Most pro athletes, or any public person, would probably ignore some rando’s juvenile insults. But for some reason, Jones responded.

In a now-deleted post, the Rochester, New York native appeared to respond to the ridiculous video.

“Crazy that we live in the world where influencers can persuade the minds of the boys on the Internet,” he said. “Literally some random loser with a microphone in his basement. People can just say anything they want these days, I find it fascinating.”

To our knowledge, “The MMA Guru” hasn’t issued a retort…

A quick search of “Jon Jones gay,” or similar key terms, digs up a cesspool of responses that we have no interest in publishing. But the sophomore episode, and Jones’ impassioned reaction, shows that antigay attitudes still run rampant in the pro fighting world.

As one of the most famous fighters in MMA, Jones is often the subject of fascination and conjecture. He’s been suspended a whopping three times since 2015: once for a hit-and-run, and twice for testing positive for banned substances.

He was stripped of his light heavyweight title following the felony hit-and-run charge. Jones struck a pregnant woman, and then fled the scene on foot. The woman suffered a broken arm in the collision.

Following a near-six month suspension, he was disciplined the following November for a doping violation. He was suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Convention for one year (that’s significant, because UFC holds most of its events in Las Vegas).

When Jones returned in July 2017, he tested positive for another performance-enhancing drug. That September, he started serving a 15-month suspension.

Shortly thereafter, Jones took a three-year hiatus from fighting. His first match back was in March 2023, and he won the UFC Heavyweight Championships. But he hasn’t defended the belt.

He’s missed the last several months with a torn pectoral muscle. Jones is expected to make his return later this year… if he can avoid another positive drug test! The serial cheater has been accused of threatening a Drug Free Sport International sample collector, who performed a test on him in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he’s training.

Police say Jones threatened the woman’s life, and took her phone.

With those serious offenses in mind, it’s safe to say that Jones is one of UFC’s many checkered stars. UFC fighter Sean Strickland might be the most homophobic pro athletes in sports, given his insane antigay rantings over the years.

When a reporter asked Strickland earlier this year about his hateful statements, the promotions top middleweight exploded.

“You’re part of the problem. Go f*ck yourself!” Strickland shouted. “Everything that is wrong with the world is because of f*cking you.”

He proceeded to attack transgender people. 

“Here’s the thing about Bud Light, 10 years ago, to be trans was a mental f*cking illness,” he said. “And now, all of a sudden, people like you have f*cking weaseled your way in the world. You are an infection. You are the definition of weakness. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of f*cking you.”

The fighter continued, “The world’s saying, ‘No, there are two genders. I don’t want my kids being taught about who they could f*ck in school. I don’t want my kids being taught about their sexual preference.’”

UFC head Dana White, by the way, appears to be OK with his stars’ unhinged outbursts and constant doping. White actually defended Strickland’s right to be hateful, telling reporters he “doesn’t put leashes” on his talent.

White, who once suspended a fighter who making a transphobic comment about out trans fighter Fallon Fox, is in conflict with his old self. In recent years, he’s become very close with Trump, turning UFC into the unofficial promotion of MAGA.

Despite White’s toxicity, there is an inspiring group of out LGBTQ+ women fighters. Bantamweight champion Raquel Pennington defeated another out fighter, Mayra Bueno Silva, in the co-main event of UFC 297.

Strickland was also on the card that weekend. Pennington said the big bad tough guy looked away whenever their paths crossed.

“Every time he came around, we both turned the other direction,” she said in an interview with the MMA Hour. “I stared at him a couple times, and he would just turn the other direction.”

As far as other out MMA fighters, Amanda Nunes retired last year as one of the greatest competitors of all time. Out LGBTQ+ fighter Jessica Andrade also owns 16 wins in the UFC, second on the all-time list for queer female fighters. 

Fallon Fox became the first out transgender fighter in UFC history in 2013.

The men, meanwhile, are far behind. Jeff Molina is the only out male fighter. He came out as bi following a video leak.

When looking at the resumes of the UFC’s top male competitors, it’s easy to see why there may be a chilling effect.


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