PHOTOS: Jwan Yosef’s latest pics turn an unlikely body part into the ultimate thirst trap

PHOTOS: Jwan Yosef’s latest pics turn an unlikely body part into the ultimate thirst trap

You are currently viewing PHOTOS: Jwan Yosef’s latest pics turn an unlikely body part into the ultimate thirst trap
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Jwan Yosef

Jwan Yosef‘s newly single status has him reinventing what is considered a thirst trap.

Since announcing his spilt from husband Ricky Martin last month, the 38-year-old conceptual artist has maintained a relatively low profile, minus when he was followed on the street by a cameraman and asked to comment on his divorce.

And while he mostly uses his social media to promote his art, the Syrian-Swedish hunk has on occasion posted an image that highlights his toned physique.

But on Wednesday, Yosef flipped the script on thirsty photo etiquette by eschewing a basic shirtless photo and opting to thrust an often overlooked body part for the consumption of the horny masses: his chin!

That’s right. Yosef posted a pic of his bare chin and his followers couldn’t get enough.

The black and white snap of the forward part of his anterior mandible featured a close-up of his cleft chin in all its stubbled hair glory.

Perhaps it had added appeal to fans of shaving kink, but the chin pic received more than 10,500 likes and counting.

Chin lovers rise!

Yosef added his artistic flare to the snap by giving it a museum-quality caption: “Cave, 2022.”

But he didn’t stop there.

After posting the seemingly innocent original pic of his jaw bone fissure, Ricky Martin’s ex proceeded to get more risqué by adding one with his finger placed gently underneath the genetic dent.


According to WebMD, a cleft chin is genetic trait that develops in the womb, poses no health risk, and is often referred to as a “booty chin.”

Yosef is obviously proud of his booty chin and, over the course of the next 24 hours, proceeded to share a total of five shots of it from different angles all with the same caption of “Cave, 2022.”

He finished his chinographic photo series by posting three more close-ups of his prominent lower jaw in different lighting.

A jawbone hasn’t gotten this much attention since the three little pigs yelled, “not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”

And by the looks of the comments, Yosef has tapped into a secret desire of his more than 715K followers.

“This is fascinating,” wrote one enthralled fan. 

“Sexy,” added another.

“Man cave” and “A cave in which one would love to be lost,” commented two who seemed fixated on Yosef’s caption.

Other responses attempted to zone in on the artistic vision of the bizarre photo dump.

“Are you doing a whole series on your chin now? I know a lot of people like it.”

“This is the level of photographic intimacy i need with the rest of your body.”

“A Hole in Jwan (2022).”

But one follower was confused by the popularity of the chin series and wrote, “I don’t understand why people like this, just because he’s the boyfriend of Ricky Martin????”

Interestingly, Martin himself liked just two out of the five chin snaps.

Earlier this month, the Puerto Rican superstar opened up about the couple’s split and how it had been in the works for years before they announced it to the world.

“When the public found out that we were divorcing we had already gone through a process of much solitude,” Martin said in an interview. “We were firm that this is what needed to happen for his well-being, my well-being, and for our children. We’re better than ever.”

For now, Yosef and his cleft chin are living their best lives on their own.


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