Ivanka Trump, busy mother of three, does the walk of shame outside New York City courthouse

Ivanka Trump, busy mother of three, does the walk of shame outside New York City courthouse

You are currently viewing Ivanka Trump, busy mother of three, does the walk of shame outside New York City courthouse
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Despite it being the middle of a hectic school week, Ivanka Trump somehow managed to find time to make it down to the New York Supreme Court building in lower Manhattan this morning to testify in her father’s $250 million civil fraud trial.

Ivanka arrived at the courthouse shortly after 8AM dressed in a black pantsuit and white shirt, where she was greeted by a sea of angry protestors who shouted “Fraud family!” while waving signs that read “Indict Ivanka Trump.”

Flanked by two police officers, the former first daughter kept her gaze fixed downward as she hustled up the courthouse steps and disappeared into the building.

Once inside, the busy mother of three was immediately met by a gaggle of reporters and their camera lenses. No longer being heckled, she appeared more relaxed, staring confidently ahead as she harkened back to her days as an aspiring teen fashion model, strutting across the lobby like she was on the catwalk.

Prior to Ivanka’s arrival, New York Attorney General Letitia James spoke to press outside the courthouse, where she predicted the former first daughter would “distance herself” from the Trump Organization in her testimony, “but unfortunately the facts will reveal that, in fact, she was very much involved.” 

“We uncovered the scheme and she benefited from it personally. And Ms. Trump will do all that she can to try to separate herself from this corporation, but she’s inextricably tied to the Trump Organization and to these properties, that she helped secure financing for.”

“So you cannot hide from the truth and the facts will belie the truth and the evidence,” James added. “And so we look forward to her testimony.”

Turns out, James was right!

While under oath, Ivanka, who served as the executive vice president for development and acquisition at the Trump Organization from 2005 until leaving in 2017 to work in the Trump White House, wasn’t forthcoming with her answers and had a lot of convenient memory lapses, even when presented with evidence to help jog her memory.

Per NBC:

Ivanka Trump appears to be very poised, friendly and willing to engage with the attorney general’s office during her testimony, but is beginning to become more evasive with her answers.

She smiles and speaks softly, responding politely, but has started to repeat the phrase, “I don’t recall,” in response to documents being shown to her, including letters and emails she wrote herself.

Chris Kise, one of the president’s attorneys, has also made several objections. Engoron questioned Kise if he was “going to object to every document.”

At one point, the 42-year-old working mom claimed she didn’t know anything about her father’s financial records, which are at the heart of the AG’s case, saying, “Those were not statements I was privy to.”

Asked later if she had “any role” in preparing them, she replied, “Not that I’m aware of”, and repeatedly said she’s never been “involved in his personal financial statements.”

Earlier in the morning, Donald Trump, who somehow remains the Republican frontrunner for president in 2024 despite his myriad of legal troubles and the fact that he could very well be in prison by this time next year, took to Truth Social to attack both James and Judge Arthur Engoron, writing:

It is Letitia James and the Judge who are Fraudulent for setting such LOW VALUATIONS in order to undermine and discredit my Financial Statements, thereby making me look bad — Election Interference. Now they are trying to bring Ivanka into the case, despite the Court of Appeals ruling that she cannot be charged. Sad!

Ivanka was the 25th and final witness in the state’s case, although the trial is expected to last for at least another month, concluding sometime in mid-December.

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