Uncover the enigmas of ‘Marcados’, a thriller by Caio Rossan

Uncover the enigmas of ‘Marcados’, a thriller by Caio Rossan

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The novel “Marcados”, written by Caio Rossan, is a thriller aimed at young adults that delves into mysterious plots, promotes puzzles, and brings back the nostalgia of the “Coleção Vagalume” (Vagalume Collection). Published by Rocket Editorial in partnership with Avec, the work promises to involve and intrigue readers from beginning to end.

“Marcados” (Photo: reproduction)

Discover the plot of “Marcados”

The story of “Marcados” features Calila, a teenager who, upon inheriting her great-uncle’s land, is forced to leave her friends and move to the town where her mother grew up. There, she finds herself involved in political turmoil and feels threatened by the series of murders that devastates the city. Furthermore, Calila discovers that her great-uncle, supposedly dead from a heart attack, was actually brutally murdered.

The plot explores the protagonist’s journey to uncover the motivation behind the crimes and whom to trust amidst the conspiracies. Furthermore, there is a social critique about class inequalities in the narrative. The point of view is mainly constructed through the protagonist and some friends she makes in the city.

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As the story progresses, Calila finds herself confronted with twists that lead her to question the connection between the deaths and the lies she encounters along the way. She realizes that both the local police and her own mother seem to be neglecting the murders, trying to cover them up and suppress them.

Characters from “Marcados” (Photo: reproduction)

Check out the official synopsis:

Upon inheriting properties from her great-uncle, Calila moves against her will to Alto Cedro, the town where her mother grew up. It was supposed to be a solution to the debts of mother and daughter and a fresh start, but soon Calila finds herself entangled in local political machinations and the ambition and secrets of her new acquaintances. With the Carranca killer getting closer and closer, the young woman risks being silenced and discovers that she can’t trust anyone. How much blood will Calila see spilled until she discovers the motivation of her tormentors?

What does the criticism say

The Brazilian writer, documentarist, and journalist Victor Bonini describes “Marcados” as a “juicy and cruel thriller with unmistakably Brazilian DNA“, highlighting the intense drama permeated by betrayals, lies, and surprises. He also associates the work with series like “Scream,” “Elite,” and “Euphoria”,noting that Caio Rossan plays with the genre’s clichés. “Expect bloody deaths, a swinging network of suspects, and the classic ‘unmasking’ of the killer that, obviously, always drops jaws“, he concludes.

The publisher of Rocket Editorial, Cláudia Lemes, emphasizes that “‘Marcados’ has it all: a typically Brazilian setting, a group of not-so-innocent teenagers, and a plot full of corruption, crimes, and secrets that grows denser with every page.” She emphasizes that, in addition to the question of the killer’s identity, the reader finds themselves involved in other questions, such as who will be the next victim, what is the city’s dark past, and who will survive until the end of the story.

“Marcados” (Photo: reproduction)

Meet Caio Rossan

Hailing from the Northeast, Caio Rossan is passionate about slashers, the “Coleção Vagalume” (Firefly Collection), Pokémon, and superheroes. In 2020, Caio independently released “Marcados” on Amazon; however, the novel caught the attention of Rocket Editorial, which published its definitive version in 2023, during Poc Con, a queer literature fair.

Caio Rossan (Photo: reproduction)

The writer describes himself as a bittersweet and counter-hegemonic mix, and his writing combines elements of Brazilian culture, suspense, politics, and complex characters. In addition to dedicating himself to literature, Caio Rossan also works as a physician.

Media opinion about “Marcados”

According to YouTuber Edu Ferrera, in his video sharing his impressions about the novel, he positively highlights the large number of characters, emphasizing that throughout the reading, it’s possible to understand the reason for there being so many. All of them, at some point, become a little suspicious. So that’s really cool, when there are many characters, because you focus on one and [then] move on to another“, he said. Although he found it a bit confusing at first, Edu Ferrera mentions that the photos of the characters, sent by Caio, helped him better understand who is who.

Meanwhile, YouTuber Bruna Maylla, from the Pets and Books channel, praised the construction of the main character, highlighting her as strong and determined. Additionally, she also praised the novel’s narrative, which, with different points of view, allows the reader to create various theories, keeping the reading intriguing. She also emphasizes the racial and sexual representation of the characters, highlighting the fluidity of their sexualities as an interesting aspect: “Here the characters don’t have labels. They seem to really have more fluid sexuality, which I found very interesting.“.

The YouTuber Débora Gimenes, from the channel Livros, Loucuras e… Debby, praised the author’s ability to construct each character, highlighting that it makes the reader feel part of the story. According to her, “Caio makes you get into the story. You’re not a spectator back there, you’re inside the novel“.

YouTuber Breno Bicalho, from the Quarta Parede channel, made a critical review of the novel in his video, which was divided into two parts: the first without spoilers and the second with. He described the work in three acts: the first with major revelations and fast-paced events, the second focused on the protagonist’s adaptation to the new school, and the third as “a big explosion” of revelations that surprises the reader.You have to stop to reflect and analyze what’s happening, because there also begins to come several revelations that blow your mind“, he said.

“Marcados” invites the reader to a story full of mysteries and suspense, promising to surprise. The novel can be accessed directly on the publisher’s website Avec, which is a partner of Rocket Editorial. Click here to check it out.



Author: Caio Rossan
Category: Mystery, Detective, Suspense
Cover Illustrator: Leandro Britto de Almeida
Editor: Claudia Lemes
Layout: Pedro Cruvinel
Proofreading: Mikka Capella e Úrsula Antunes

14×21 cm
292 pages
Paper: Pollen 80g To purchase from Avec Editora: this link

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