Don Lemon is pulling out all the stops for his wedding to partner Tim Malone this weekend

Don Lemon is pulling out all the stops for his wedding to partner Tim Malone this weekend

You are currently viewing Don Lemon is pulling out all the stops for his wedding to partner Tim Malone this weekend
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Tim Malone and Don Lemon smile on the red carpet in front of a black step-and-repeat at a Grammy party. Malone (left) wears a navy suit jacket over a white dress shirt, while Lemon (right) wears a black suit jacket. Both sport dark-colored bow-ties.

Here comes the groom (and the other groom)!

Don Lemon and longtime partner Tim Malone, are reportedly tying the knot this weekend with a luxurious ceremony on Saturday, April 6, at New York’s Polo Bar.

According to Us Weekly, the husbands-to-be “hired the bottom floor” of the restaurant, which was created by Ralph Lauren and looks absolutely gorgeous.

Celebrity guests like music icon Clive Davis –– and perhaps their resident BFF Joy Behar –– are expected to be in attendance. Plus, we can likely expect some Beyoncé on the playlist after Lemon professed his love for Cowboy Carter on TikTok.

To be fair, we knew their big day was coming up soon.

After Lemon was unceremoniously fired by Elon Musk following a tense interview, the 58-year-old remained focused on the positive, showing off their marriage license in a Zoom interview with People. (“We just got it today!” the journalist beamed.)

And it’s a fitting location for their nuptials, considering the former CNN anchor started dating New York realtor Malone, 39, in 2016 after meeting a year earlier at a Hamptons eatery.

The happy couple announced their engagement in April 2019 on Instagram. As Lemon revealed, their adorable pups played a pivotal role in the proposal.

“He gave me a present on his birthday. How could I say no?” he wrote, alongside a pic of their dogs Boomer and Barkley in collars that read “Daddy Will You Marry Papa?”

While the men haven’t confirmed any details, we expect their furry children will likely factor into their big day.

Especially after Malone joked that he bought Lemon a fourth dog as “an early wedding gift” in an April Fools’ prank on IG. (“Hell to that no,” Lemon quipped on his Instagram Story in response.)

Thankfully, the husbands-to-be are seemingly maintaining their senses of humor despite the wedding planning pressure.

Over the weekend, Lemon shared a video of the two driving while he devoured a pack of fruit snacks. “POV: Our wedding is one week away,” he wrote, adding, “Guess which one of us is stressed.”


Nevertheless, it’s a day the men have long been anticipating after having to delay planning in the aftermath of the world shutting down in 2020.

“I just found the right person,” Lemon explained in a 2021 interview on The Tamron Hall Show. “I decided, you know, I needed to lean into my life because I grew up never thinking that I’d be able to be open about who I was in love with and about my love life and my relationship.”

As for the couple’s next big move after marriage? Possibly a new two-legged (and furless) addition to their family.

In the same interview, Lemon told Hall they were exploring adoption and surrogacy options.

“Tim is definitely going to have to be the one to have the kid because he’s younger,” he joked. “His body will bounce back.”

We can’t wait to hear how the wedding goes. And more importantly, see the stunning pics!


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