‘We’re Here’ shocker: Original hosts exit HBO’s drag reality series as new queens step in

‘We’re Here’ shocker: Original hosts exit HBO’s drag reality series as new queens step in

You are currently viewing ‘We’re Here’ shocker: Original hosts exit HBO’s drag reality series as new queens step in
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Image Credit: ‘We’re Here,’ Greg Endires/HBO

After three seasons, Bob The Drag Queen, Eureka, and Shangela are set to sashay away from HBO’s award-winning reality series, We’re Here.

But just because the show is losing its stars, that doesn’t mean the sun’s setting on this small-town drag makeover show. Instead, three new fierce and fabulous queens are stepping in and stepping up.

Per a press release from HBO, We’re Here is welcoming three crowned queens to its drag family: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 12 champ and “Legendary Legend” All Stars 7 competitor Jaida Essence Hall, the first-ever winner of Canada’s Drag Race (and recent Lip-Sync Assassin) Priyanka, and published author/Drag Race season 9 victor Sasha Velour.

This is (almost) a bigger gag than the time Sasha removed her wig to reveal a bunch of rose petals in her Lip Sync For The Crown. Almost!

(left to right) Jaida Essence Hall, Priyanka, Sasha Velour | Image Credits: HBO

Additionally, Variety reports that, instead of the usual format—where, each episode, queens arrived to a new small town, met their new “drag daughters,” and worked with them to put on a one-night-only show, teaching and learning important lessons about forgiveness along the way—the new season would instead focus on two towns, across six episodes.

It’s said the series’ new structure will allow it to take “an in-depth and more immersive look at the local political systems and participants, anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and opposition, and their effect on the LGBTQ+ community.”

Putting a fresh foot forward allows the show to continue its noble mission, sharing the power of drag with an increasingly divided population, which feels more important than ever, especially after a wave of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation has targeted the drag and trans communities in the past year.

Series co-creator Johnnie Ingram (part of the team behind queer-inclusive “rom-doc” Swiping America) shared the news on Instagram, writing, “We are thrilled to expand our drag family and grateful for and give much needed love to the people on the front lines of hate.”

Additionally, original hosts Bob, Eureka, and Shangela released the following joint statement about the future of We’re Here:

“We are extremely grateful for the opportunity we had the past three seasons to travel across the country, share our experiences and connect with all of the courageous individuals who entrusted us with their stories. Our journey has inspired hope and sparked important conversations while empowering unique voices and opening new doors. As we move forward with our exciting individual projects, we welcome Sasha Velour, Priyanka and Jaida Essence Hall, and wish them the best on continuing this work during an increasingly difficult time for the LGBTQ+ community.” 

We’re certainly thrilled to see what this new trio of drag personalities can bring to the show—beyond their big hearts, they’ll each bring something distinctive to the mix. Sasha’s one of the smartest queens to ever grace Drag Race, and a real nightlife legend, long advocating for drag as an art form. Jaida’s a total sweetie with killer style, not to mention one of our silliest queens, especially hilarious when she’s off the cuff. And Priyanka is a big ball of charming energy—we’re eager to watch her bring her Canadian perspective to these American small towns.

(Additionally, all three of them know how to turn a look, so we can’t see what fierce fashions they stomp into town with.)

Of course, the news has longtime fans of We’re Here shook. Here’s what they had to say about it over on Twitter:

And though production ultimately went a different route, we certainly wouldn’t have minded seeing “Queerty award-winning queers” Darby Lynn Cartwright, Alexis Bevels, and Aunty Chan take over. Maybe next time?


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