WATCH: A gay man and his “straight” childhood crush reconnect in this charming bedroom farce

WATCH: A gay man and his “straight” childhood crush reconnect in this charming bedroom farce

You are currently viewing WATCH: A gay man and his “straight” childhood crush reconnect in this charming bedroom farce
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Image Credit: ‘Shoulder Dance,’ Breaking Glass Pictures

Let’s say you’re living with your longtime partner and, one day, they tell you their childhood best friend is in a rough spot and needs to come crash with you guys for a weekend.

That’d be pretty tough to say no, right?

Well, what if your partner hasn’t spoken to this friend in decades. And for some reason they’ve never even told you about this friend to begin with, let alone why the fell out way back when. Then you might have some second thoughts about the whole thing—to say the least.

That’s the set-up of the new romantic dramedy Shoulder Dance from writer-director Jay Arnold, a modern queer spin on a classic bedroom farce where relationships old and new will be tested as “the boundaries of friendship, love, and sex collide” over one wild weekend.

The film stars Matt Dallas (Kyle XY) as Ira and Taylor Frey as Josh (It Chapter Two), a happy and handsome couple living in a beautiful home in the Hamptons.

Out of the blue, Ira gets a call from his former BFF Roger (The Flash‘s Rick Cosnett)—who he hasn’t heard from in 24 years—sharing that his mother recently passed so he’s back in town and eager to visit.

Image Credit: ‘Shoulder Dance,’ Breaking Glass Pictures

When Roger shows up at their door and is a “drop-dead gorgeous 10,” Josh can’t help but get a little anxious. Where he’s otherwise a super confident guy—both in himself and in his relationship—he’s suddenly questioning everything.

And while Roger is theoretically straight, Josh can’t help but wonder if Ira and his old buddy had romantic feelings for each other back in the day. Or maybe still do!

Things get further complicated by friends Lilly (Gotham‘s Maggie Getha) and Shawn (Glee‘s Samuel Larsen)—who both have the hots for Roger—big party plans, and a little bit of molly. Will Ira and Josh’s relationship survive the chaos of the weekend?

Shoulder Dance premiered earlier this year at The Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival where it won the Best LGBTQ Film award, after which Queerty was honored to host the feature’s exclusive trailer premiere.

Now, the film is finally available to audiences everywhere, arriving on VOD platforms today for digital rental or purchase, courtesy of Breaking Glass Pictures. And there’s a whole new trailer, giving you an even better look at what director Jay Arnold calls a “meaningful and fun journey.”

Watch the latest trailer for Shoulder Dance below:


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