UFC homophobe Sean Strickland gets schooled after freaking out over a man & his trans girlfriend

UFC homophobe Sean Strickland gets schooled after freaking out over a man & his trans girlfriend

You are currently viewing UFC homophobe Sean Strickland gets schooled after freaking out over a man & his trans girlfriend
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Sean Strickland
Sean Strickland (Photo: X)

Fighter Sean Strickland took time out yesterday to remind everyone of his homophobic worldview, in case anyone forgot.

The former UFC Champion posted a string of tweets in which he blasted the “abnormality” of gay people. He also used a term historically used to describe some people with learning difficulties but now regarded as a slur.

Despite this, he then claimed he “accepted” gay people… while clearly viewing them as lesser than heterosexuals.

What prompted the tirade appears to be a YouTube video a man posted about having a trans girlfriend. The title of the video was “My girlfriend is trans, but I’m not gay.”

Strickland reshared the video and launched into his rant, saying, “My man you’re gay as f*ck, you’re a c*ck bandit, b*tthole pirate…That ain’t a woman my man… Your dad gone raised a gay. Just accept it man. You a gay lol.”

In a subsequent tweet, Strickland said, “I just look at gays like a form of r*tardation… but I fully accept them. Could you imagine if we seen any species on this planet wake up one day and all chose to be gay. We would all think ‘Wow there is clearly something wrong with that species.”

“Why are humans exempt? Come on.”

A censored tweet from Sean Strickland

That tweet has had over 24,000 likes, at the time of writing. Many of his followers applauded him for speaking his mind and “not giving a sh*t.”

However, plenty of other more kind and sensible people pushed back.

Same-sex sexual behavior has been observed in hundreds of animal species. Some species have exhibited long-term same-sex partnerships. The viral response to the post prompted another follow-up from Strickland. He accused people of having no sense of humor.


“Why is it so difficult to admit that being gay is an abnormality

“Be gay, be happy, we accept you


“You’re a mammal that is human and you fail to do the one thing all mammals want to do. Lmao!! Come on!!”

Sean Strickland's anti-gay tweet

When someone questioned why Strickland thinks about gay people so much, Strickland suggested he deserved shooting as a “traitor” for having the US flag in his bio.

Strickland’s previous anti-gay rants

Strickland, who grew up in California, is one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts. Until January, he was the UFC Middleweight Champion. He lost his crown in a fight with Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297 in Toronto, Canada.

Ahead of the match, Strickland made headlines when a Canadian journalist, Alex Lee, quizzed him at a press conference about previous anti-gay comments he’d made.

Strickland tried to turn the questioning back on Lee, asking him if he were gay. Lee said he was an “ally’. The fighter then asked, “If you had a son and he was like, yeah man, you don’t want a grandkid?”

Lee said he “wouldn’t have a problem with it.”

“Oh, man, well, dude you’re a weak f*king man, dude. You’re part of the f*king problem, you elected Justin Trudeau,” Strickland told Lee.

“Go f**k yourself.”

Strickland then went on to blast the liberal acceptance of trans people, telling Lee, “You are the definition of weakness. Everything that is wrong with the world is because of you. And the best thing is, the world’s not buying it. The world is not buying your f*king b*llshit you’re peddling.”

Carl Nassib

Among those to criticize Strickland was gay, former football player Carl Nassib. Sharing a screenshot of Strickland’s tweets, Nassib said, “This guy is the absolute scum of humanity. Insane the @ufc continues to give this guy a platform and paycheck.”

Nassib then revealed he’d previously sent Strickland a message on Instagram. He’d implored him to stop attacking the gay community. He says Strickland subsequently blocked him.

Carl Nassib sent a DM to Sean Strickland


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