Twit Awards for the Week 6/3/24

Twit Awards for the Week 6/3/24

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June is Pride month. The Heritage Foundation decided to celebrate by declaring Sunday, June 2, to be “Ex-Gay Visibility Day.” We know that desisters–transgender people who transition and then retransition back to the gender assigned at birth–do exist, although not in the numbers that anti-trans people believe. However, there is no study which shows that ex-gay people exist, in part because it is hard to be certain. Individual stories exist of people who declare that they were once gay but are now straight, yet several of those stories include ex-gay people found looking for partners of the same sex again. For taking people at their word without considering that the person may merely be bisexual, the Heritage Foundation gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

We mentioned in the news that Gottmilk showed up at Ru Paul’s Drag Race All Stars with a new look, which resembled a mastectomy. It certainly got the attention of anti-trans loudmouths, and many of them responded on X. For responding in an obvious and bigoted way, LibsOfTikTok and other anti-trans voices get a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTW Nation.

Fresh off winning the Best Actress honor at the Canned Film Festival, Karla Sofia Gaxcon is suing French far-right politician Marion Marechal. The star took exception to the politician calling her performance “female impersonation,” and is suing for defamation. for confusing a trans woman with a drag queen, and for seeming proud of herself for that confusion, Marion Marechal gets a Twit Award. PinkNews has this story.

Richard Dreyfuss, the actor who is perhaps best remembered for his performance in Jaws, appeared at the Cabot Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts. During a question-and-answer event, The event went bad in a hurry, as he showed up in a dress, and went on to insist that allowing a minor to transition gender is “bad parenting.” He insisted that the possibility of “changing their minds” is reason enough to not allow any child to transition, but we know that most transgender children do not “change their minds,” and those who do often do so because of pressure from either family or society. For behaving in a way which caused the theater which hosted him to apologize to those who attended the event, and for not reading up on the good studies on the subject, Richard Dreyfuss gets a Twit Award. This story comes from Washington Blade..

Rick Clark Becker has run for Governor of North Dakota and for a U.S. Senate seat from that state. He is now running for North Dakota’s only seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, and as part of that campaign, he hired Dylan Mulvaney to make a video praising his opponent in the Republican primary. That opponent, Public Service Commissioner Julie Fedorchak, is not a friend of trans people, but Ms. Mulvaney came through with a video misrepresenting Ms. Fedorchak as not far to the right. The video claims she loves green energy (she is actually a fan of coal), and says that she will go to the Washington Zoo to work with rhinos (a play on the concept of RINOs). The stunt seemed to backfire. While Becker promoted the video as doing “an excellent job highlighting [Fedorchak’s] work against coal plants in North Dakota and her desire to work with RINO’s [sic] in DC,” others were less impressed. Even the state’s coal industry is not endorsing him, but still endorsing his opponent. For a stupid stunt which only exposed the lengths he will go to in seeking a seat, Rick Clark Becker gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation gets a Twit Award.

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