Twit Awards for the Week 4/15/24

Twit Awards for the Week 4/15/24

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As we mentioned in the news, Britain’s NHS is relying on the Cass Report, a report which was condemned by many medical authorities when it was released. Dr. Cass has never had a transgender patient, but that sort of first-hand knowledge seems to be unimportant to the NHS. She complains that studies on transgender patients are not double-blind, even though a double-blind study would keep some patients from accessing the best medicine for no reason other than the accumulation of statistics, which is a violation of the ethics of the Hippocratic Oath. For putting more emphasis on prejudice rather than on science, the NHS gets a Twit Award. This story comes from Them.

The Catholic Church on Monday released a new document, entitled “Dignitas Infinita” or “Infinite Dignity.” The document comes from the office in charge of doctrine, and it condemns “gender theory” as well as gender-affirming medicine. The document contains questionable science, as well as a reliance on theology that seems at odds with the example set by Jesus Christ in the Gospels. As The Advocate points out, it also seems to be at odds with what Pope Francis has been doing. For setting theology back, and for not learning from the bad science which condemned Galileo, the authors of Dignitas Infinita get a Twit Award.

As we have previously reported, Libs Of TikTok has a protest going on against Planet Fitness, because the chain allows transgender members to access the locker room which matches the gender with which the member identifies. The FBI has now been looking into bomb threats called in to Planet Fitness locations. These threats have caused some locations to close for a while, to investigate the possibility of a bomb in the building. For disruptive behavior, the people behind these bomb threats get a Twit Award. The Advocate has this story.

TheDaily Mail has a story about the late O.J. Simpson’s father, claiming him to be a drag queen. Their evidence is not convincing, but moreover, the fact that Jimmy Lee Simpson abandoned his family when O.J. was four years old, and as a teenager, O.J. very much resented his father being absent. For failing to mention relevant information which negates all the research they did, and for jumping to the conclusion that a drag queen is evil through and through, the Daily Mail gets a Twit Award.

In a tweet, J.K. Rowling seems to be quite upset that Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have made public statements disagreeing with her anti-transgender views. She says that she would not accept an apology from them, even though neither has offered one. For making her prejudices such a central part of her identity, and for being willing to abandon long-term friendships over those prejudices, J.K. Rowling gets a Twit Award. Salon has this story.

The organization lists transgender people who won some kind of contest, and the “biological female” who would have won otherwise. Among the entrants on their list is Michelle Lesco, who won the women’s division of the hot dog eating contest sponsored by Nathan’s hot dogs on the Fourth of July. The kicker is that Michelle Lesco is not transgender. For presuming that transgender women have a genetic advantage at eating hot dogs quickly, and for including a woman without solid evidence that she is “biologically male,” gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

A high school in Alabama called the police to prevent a transgender student from attending prom while wearing a dress. For ruining prom, not only for this student but for other students, just to score some political points that are more about prejudice than about actually ensuring the safety of the students attending prom, Section High School gets a Twit Award. This story comes from WAAY-TV News.

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