Twit Awards for the Week 3/25/24

Twit Awards for the Week 3/25/24

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Planet Fitness revoked the membership of a woman who took pictures of a trans woman in the locker room. While some states do forbid transgender women in the ladies’ locker room, this appears to have happened in a state without such a law. The stock lost $10.00 per share on the news, and some cancelled their memberships. The woman behind this, Patricia Silva, seems to have a record as a right-wing activist. For refusing to share the facility with others in a peaceful way, and for making a big stink about the incident without even examining her own actions, Ms. Silva gets a Twit Award. The New York Post has this story.

In England Nick Fletcher, a Conservative MP, jumped into the debate on transgender identities, saying that teaching that transgender people should be supported in their identities is like teaching children that “two plus two equals five.” Study after study shows that acceptance of transgender identities produces citizens who achieve more of their potential. Moreover, teaching acceptance of transgender identities does not produce any negative effect upon cisgender students, unless you think that combating bigotry born of ignorance is a bad thing. For supporting bigotry–by his own admission–Nick Fletcher gets a Twit Award. This story comes from PinkNews.

Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville claimed that liberals are a “satanic cult” which is making children transgender. First off, teaching children that those who identify as transgender do not have a mental health problem is not the same as making children transgender. Second, in the “battle of good vs. evil,” bigotry is evil, and what Senator Tuberville is recommending is bigotry. For projection, and for over-the-top accusations without merit, Senator Tommy Tuberville gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

A recent study by Media Matters For America finds that of the three major cable news networks, MSNBC has spent almost as much time on anti-transgender legislation as CNN and Fox News combined. Moreover, they find that 22% of the time, MSNBC has a transgender person on air to talk about anti-transgender legislation, while only 16% of those segments on CNN had a transgender person on air, and 0% of the segments on Fox News had a trans person talking about it. For failing to get transgender people on air to talk about anti-transgender legislation, Fox News, CNN, and yes, MSNBC share a Twit Award, proportionate to their share of our absence from the air.

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