Kari Lake’s chances of being Donald Trump’s running mate were pretty much shot to hell this week

Kari Lake’s chances of being Donald Trump’s running mate were pretty much shot to hell this week

You are currently viewing Kari Lake’s chances of being Donald Trump’s running mate were pretty much shot to hell this week
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Since losing to Democrat Katie Hobbs by over 17,000 votes in Arizona’s 2022 gubernatorial race, former-TV-news-anchor-turned-MAGA-queen Kari Lake has been running a shadow campaign to be Donald Trump‘s 2024 running mate.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be working out so well for her.

In June, it was reported Lake had all but moved into a suite at Mar-a-Lago in an effort to position herself as Trump’s #2. But by July, it was rumored she had already overstayed her welcome and he was growing tired of her. (Not to mention, Melania was growing jealous.)

An unnamed Trump advisor told the Daily Beast that the one-term, twice-impeached, twice-indicted ex-president felt Lake was becoming too much of a “spotlight hound” and he didn’t like that she was going around telling everyone she should be his VP.

“She’s a shameless, ruthless demagogue who wants power and will do whatever she has to do to get it,” they said.

So, Lake has been on thin ice for a while. And that ice likely got even thinner this week when a new poll out of Arizona found the majority of the state’s voters really, really, really don’t like her.

The poll, which was conducted by the nonpartisan research group Noble Predictive Insights between July 13 to 17, revealed that 51% of voters in the Grand Canyon State, including 29% of Republicans, hold an unfavorable view of the drag-hating “mama bear”. Meanwhile, just 35% said they hold a favorable opinion of her.

“A lot of people have an opinion of her and overall, its negative instead of positive,” pollster Mike Noble tells AZ Central. “It’s tough to move those folks.”

The fact that Lake offers no home state advantage, which is one of the biggest factors presidential candidates consider when selecting a running mate, especially one from a swing state like Arizona, could be the final deathblow to her chances of being selected as Trump’s running mate.

If it’s not, however, then surely her latest court loss is, since we all know he doesn’t like losers, despite being one himself.

On Wednesday, the Arizona Supreme Court denied Lake’s latest request seeking to transfer a claim from the Division Two Court of Appeals to the state’s high court.

Since losing her bid for governor, she’s has filed a total of 10 lawsuits and seven appeals alleging the election was stolen from her, despite having absolutely no evidence to support her claims.

She’s lost all 10 lawsuits, and, after this week, she’s lost all seven appeals, as well.

“Upon consideration of the Court en banc, no good cause appears to transfer the matter to this Court. Therefore, IT IS ORDERED denying the Petition for Transfer,” the Arizona Supreme Court said on Wednesday.

Following the court’s decision, Lake’s senior advisor Colton Duncan issued a statement saying, “The wheels of Justice are slow, but free and fair elections are worth fighting for. Kari looks forward to continuing to expose the truth about the rotten 2022 election in the court of appeals and even beyond.”

(Side note: Duncan, you may recall, is the guy who creeped everyone out earlier this month when he posted that softcore image of Donald Trump on social media.)

With her odds of being Trump’s #2 seemingly on life support, Lake is said to be plotting her next move. Rumor has it she’s considering a run for Arizona Senate in 2024 and that she’s already begun drafting up the paperwork to contest her next election loss in court.


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