Twit Awards for the Week 11/27/23

Twit Awards for the Week 11/27/23

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Lynne Pinchez forfeited the championship game of a pool tournament, because her opponent was a transgender woman. How exactly does a male have such an advantage in a pool tournament? For extending the idea of an advantage to male strength well beyond its limit, Lynne Pinches gets a Twit Award. The Daily Mail has this story.

Kat Kerr claims to be a Christian prophetess. She has a new revelation. LGBTQ people were chosen by God for a “special assignment,” but Satan stole their destinies. Thus, our gender identities come from Satan. She says that at His second coming, Jesus will undo gender confirmation surgery. For outrageous silliness which ignores the parts of the Bible where Jesus shows how to have compassion for others, Kat Kerr gets a Twit Award. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Jessica Rosenberg

Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg is a cisgender woman who happens to have a beard. She appeared on CNN recently to discuss the war between Israel and Hamas, and she was subjected to abuse from the usual conservative commentators. For instance, Chaya raichik of LibsOfTikTok wrote, “Man pretending to be a woman also pretends to be a rabbi.” For insisting that this cisgender woman is “a man” and making false assumptions about her chromosomes, and for piling on the abuse despite having no knowledge of who she is, these conservative commentators get a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Stephen Miller, who has been a legal advisor to former President Donald Trump, heads a group called America First Legal. This group is suing the Mesa Public Schools in Arizona over the district’s policy on transgender students. In its brief, it cites a “brazen lack of respect for democratic principles,” which is odd, coming from those who want to ignore the results of elections in which Former President Trump and his endorsed candidate, Keri Lake, were defeated. For failing to see the irony of that phrase, and for advocating a right to legal discrimination, America First Legal Group gets a Twit Award. This story comes from The Advocate.

MP Joanna Cherry, known for her gender-critical views, took to Question Time in Parliament to ask that something be done about the “violence and intimidation” against women. One day after Transgender Day Of Remembrance, she was calling for the end to “violence” by transgender women against cisgender women, although she could not cite any such acts of violence. For hyperbole, and for insensitivity, MP Joanna Cherry gets a Twit Award. PinkNews has this story.

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