Meet the hot daddy who was just named Mr. Gay Great Britain and is fighting for LGBTQ+ youth

Meet the hot daddy who was just named Mr. Gay Great Britain and is fighting for LGBTQ+ youth

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Regardless of your thoughts on the British monarchy, there’s at least one crowned member of the commonwealth we can all get behind: Mr. Gay Great Britain!

Every year, the U.K.-based LGBTQ+ pageant honors individuals who stand as exemplary champions of the community. Per the organization’s official site, Mr. Gay Great Britain was founded as “an antidote to the outdated nightclub beauty contest” (are we sensing some shade?) and has become one of the “most sought after titles across the globe.”

This year’s pageant was held in late August and named Paul Carruthers as its Mr. Gay Great Britain 2023 who, it turns out, is quite the daddy—and we mean that literally: Carruthers is a father of two. You can see him celebrating the win with his family below while wearing a traditional Northumberland kilt.

Just a few short weeks into his “reign,” Queerty had the honor of connecting with our newest Mr. Gay Great Britain to learn more about the prestigious pageant, how he intends to use his platform for good, and—we couldn’t help ourselves—his tips for taking the best thirst trap possible.

Scroll down below for the Q&A, as well as more photos of Carruthers that’ll have you shouting, “All hail the Queen Mr. Gay Great Britain!”

QUEERTY: Congratulations on being named Mr. Gay Great Britain 2023! For those who don’t know, what does one have to do to “compete” for the title?

PAUL CARRUTHERS: Once shortlisted I was informed there would be 7 categories to compete in. The ethos of the competition has moved away from guys in pants to more philanthropy. I particularly liked the activism associated with the competition.

The categories were: 1. Charity fundraising [Ed.’s Note: Carruthers won this category] 2. Public vote [And this one] 3. Mr Congeniality, voted by the other contestants [This one, too] 4. National themed runway [Also this!] 5. Beach wear runway 6. Formal wear runway 7. Written exam on LGBTQ+ general knowledge. A panel of judges voted.

So, outside of your new title as Mr. Gay Great Britain, what do you want the world to know about you?

I have been married to my husband for 11 years. We have two sons, through adoption. I’m a strong advocate for same-sex adoption, especially for kids who have additional needs as one of my sons has. I am a children’s nurse that works with trans young people, and work for an independent service called Gender Plus providing services to gender questioning young people.

What was the platform you campaigned with for Mr. Gay Great Britain? Why is it important to you?

My campaign was for same-sex adoption and advocating for trans young people. Witnessing the negative, incorrect narrative that surrounds these young people has been devastating. I am keen to use the title and platform to help educate and continue my advocacy/activism work.

How does it feel to have won the title? How did you celebrate?

Totally surreal! The whole process was so far out my comfort zone but after losing my mum to cancer during COVID I promised to live life to the fullest—and this certainly proved that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. I celebrated with my husband and kids by having a few days away to process the whole experience. I’ve been completely overwhelmed by the level of support I’ve had from family, friends, colleagues, and people I’ve never met. I may have indulged in some champagne, too!

What do you hope to do in the year ahead during your “reign” as Mr. Gay Great Britain?

I hope to use my professional experience to work with charities that support trans young people. Look at facilitating life experience stories for the public arena, to help shift the negative narrative that the media is trying to portray. I am also aware of being a positive role model to the community and take that role seriously. I’m open to work with anyone who feels I can benefit them in anyway.

And, lastly, we couldn’t help but notice on Instagram, you’re no stranger to a tasteful thirsty photo or two. What’s the secret to taking a good thirst trap pic?

Hahaha, again this has developed with recent confidence and embracing my daddy era lol. Good lighting and a tan always helps!

Scroll down below to see what we’re talking about with a few more photos from our current reigning Mr. Gay Great Britain:


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