Twit Awards for the Week 10/16/23

Twit Awards for the Week 10/16/23

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Earlier this year, a group of women at the University of Wyoming filed a lawsuit when their sorority chapter voted to allow a transgender woman to join. That suit was unsuccessful. Now, a group of women in the Cheyenne chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution are suing the parent organization for allowing a transgender woman to join. For asking the court to enforce your prejudice, the people behind this lawsuit get a Twit Award. The Cowboy State Daily has this story.

Florida Judge John Van Laningham ruled that Miami-Dade County was wrong to fire a teacher who deliberately misgendered and deadnamed a transgender student. The teacher cited her religious beliefs in her defense. The judge wrote that the case was “not about proselytizing but about transgender ideology.” He also misgendered the student in his decision, and used the pseudonym “Pat,” where the student had been referred to as “S.S.” in other court documents. He also wrote, “Advocates of transgenderism can be as doctrinaire as religious zealots these days.” For using loaded language, and for siding with bigotry, Judge John Van Laningham gets a Twit Award. This story comes from The Advocate.

United Nations Women used the occasion of International Lesbian Day this week to tweet, “Remember, trans lesbians are lesbians too.” This caused a lot of responses from those who do not support transgender rights. For jumping in to show your prejudice, those who opposed this message get a Twit Award. Into More has this story.

The Kansas City Star reports that a Costco pharmacist objected to selling a trans man syringes, to be used for HRT. LGBTQ Nation reports that a pharmacist at a Walgreens refused to fill a hormone prescription for an intersex person. For attempting to insert a pharmacist’s personal beliefs as more important than a doctor and a patient’s health, these two pharmacists get a Twit Award.

Caitlyn Jenner dismissed her critics in a recent interview, saying that they don’t like her because she is white and “works for a living.” What job has she actually held? For coming up with excuses which are contrary to facts, Caitlyn Jenner gets a Twit Award. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

The Advocate reports that an 11-year-old rapper and his father released a video in which the child, Toby James, performs a song with a slur against transgender people and some very anti-transgender lyrics. The song appeared on his father’s TikTok account, but when that platform removed it, it then appeared on X. For supporting and promoting anti-transgender bigotry, and for perverting the teachings of a religion that bases supporting the oppressed into support for oppressing others, Toby James and his father, Tyson James, get a Twit Award. This story comes from The Advocate.

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