TV presenter pays tearful tribute to gay colleague killed alongside his boyfriend

TV presenter pays tearful tribute to gay colleague killed alongside his boyfriend

You are currently viewing TV presenter pays tearful tribute to gay colleague killed alongside his boyfriend
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Luke Davies and Jesse Baird
Luke Davies and Jesse Baird (Photo: Instagram)

Authorities in Australia are continuing to search for the bodies of TV presenter Jesse Baird, 26, and his boyfriend, Luke Davies, 29.

The two men disappeared last Monday. They had been seen in the vicinity of Baird’s rented apartment in Sydney. Cops subsequently found bloodied clothes in a skip. More blood in Baird’s home led them to believe foul play.

Police later said they wanted to speak to another man in connection with the men’s whereabouts. That man handed himself in to the police on Friday morning. Beau Lamarre-Condon, 29, is a former celebrity blogger who became a policeman a couple of years ago.

Police have said Condon had been in an “off and on”, friends-with-benefits relationship with Baird before he met Davies.

Condon appeared in court on Friday afternoon. Prosecutors believe he shot Baird and Davies using a police pistol last Monday morning. The weapon was subsequently returned to a locked cupboard at a police station. They also say Condon hired a white van seen near Baird’s home last week.

Baird formerly had a show on Network Ten. It was axed late last year. Former colleagues of his paid tribute to him on The Project yesterday.

Presenter Sarah Harris became emotional as she talked about Baird.

“2024 was supposed to be his year”

“It’s been a really hard week for a lot of us right across the Ten Network. It’s hard to even talk about Jesse in the past tense,” Harris said.

“Jesse was more than just a colleague, he was a friend [and] like a little brother. He had this big beautiful smile [and] at 26 he was an absolute star… one of those kids that had a big smile, big talent and 2024 was supposed to be his year.”

“To Jesse’s family: he spoke about you often with so much love and we are just so sorry.”

She added that Baird had spoken highly of his boyfriend, Davies, a flight attendant with Qantas.

“He described [Luke] as ‘the one’ to some of his closest friends. He was in love – and my heart just aches for not only Luke’s family but also Jesse’s family.”

Fellow host Hamish Macdonald added, “’I know particularly everyone involved would all like to send and share with you our love at this most difficult time.

“This is [supposed to be] gay Christmas, [Sydney] Mardi Gras, and these guys should have been having the time of their lives [but] I think it will be a very different Mardi Gras this year and at this particular moment.”

Police divers search dam

Police yesterday extended their search for Baird and Davies to a dam around 125 miles south of Sydney. Specialist police divers are searching the waterway.

In a press conference today, police alleged that Lamarre-Condon had not reacted well to Baird trying to end their friendship. They believe he entered Baird’s premises without permission last year.

“We allege the accused had attended Jesse’s home address. We allege he had utilized a key to enter those premises,” Deputy Commissioner David Hudson said.

Lamarre-Condon is reportedly not assisting police in their search for Davies and Baird.

UPDATE 02.27.24

Police today found the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies. Placed into surfboard bags and hidden beneath rocks, they were located at a rural property 124 miles south-west of Sydney. Police had been searching in a nearby dam without success. Then, this morning, Lamarre-Condon agreed to help the police. Interviewed in prison, he told detectives where to go. The location was around 20 minutes from where they had been searching.

“About 1pm today, homicide squad detectives attended a location [in] Bungonia – about 20 minutes from the original search location – where they have located what they believe are the remains of Luke and Jesse,” Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty told reporters.

“There were two surf bags that have been found, and some debris and other items of interest that (were) located.

“We will allege he acted alone and he is the sole person responsible for the murders of Luke and Jesse. We will allege he is the sole person responsible for placing the bodies of Luke and Jesse at the current location.”


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