Troye Sivan’s booty-spanking teaser for new single ‘Rush’ sends fans into a frenzy

Troye Sivan’s booty-spanking teaser for new single ‘Rush’ sends fans into a frenzy

You are currently viewing Troye Sivan’s booty-spanking teaser for new single ‘Rush’ sends fans into a frenzy
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Troye Sivan has been teasing fans for several weeks over the release of his new single, “Rush”. The track precedes his third album, which comes a whole five years since his last one, Bloom.

Promotion for the new single has gone into overdrive this week, ahead of its July 13th release. Yesterday, Sivan, 28, posted what appears to be an NSFW clip of the video to Instagram.

It’s a little too racy for us to post, but you can click here to see it. It features a man spanking his own butt. The butt cheek in question looks rather red and angry, implying some serious spanking has been going on.

There’s also footage of a topless man appearing to smoke some sort of substance, and a strung-out Sivan reclining.

Troye Sivan in his "Rush" video
Troye Sivan in his “Rush” video

The track itself sounds like a classic, hi-nrg bop, with a chorus that says, “I feel the rush”.

In a new interview with GQ, Sivan confirmed the title of the song was inspired by a well-known brand of poppers. He says it, and its parent album, finds him exploring his hedonistic side.

“I just love people, and I love community, and sex…. I really, really love to party.”

He also said it celebrates intimate moments found outside of long-term relationships.

“Whether it’s a one-night stand, or someone that you meet for 10 minutes at a club, or somebody you end up dating for like a couple of weeks.”

Sivan worked on the tracks after the ending of a longtime relationship with former boyfriend Jacob Bixenman. However, rather than become maudlin, Sivan concentrated on the feeling of overcoming dark times and finding hope again. Fueled, it would seem, by a certain amount of lust.

“I started to get crushes, and realized that I wasn’t emotionally dead.”

At the time of writing, Sivan’s butt-spanking video had already racked up almost half a million likes in less than 24 hours. Among those to comment was New York DJ Ty Sunderland, who said, “This is going to be a moment!”. Whoever runs the Spotify Instagram account also commented, suggesting their approval for the edgy, homoerotic masterpiece.

Troye Sivan instagram comments

“I’ve watched this 20 times and I’m still shocked,” said another follower. Another rightly pointed out, “This said Gay rights.”


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