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Seth Marnin

Seth Marnin is one of 15 new state judges appointed by New York Governor Kathy Hochul. He is the first transgender man to become a judge in New York. He does need to be confirmed by the state Senate, according to Them.

A new study in the American Economic Association Papers and Proceedings shows that gender-affirming medical care reduces risk of suicide attempts by 14.4%. This effect seems to be even more pronounced in those who started HRT at age 14 or 15, than in those who started HRT later. The Advocate has this story.

Not everyone is convinced that gender-affirming medical care works. The Guardian has profiles of the four doctors who are often used as experts by proponents of banning gender-affirming medical care.

When legislative efforts ban transgender people getting HRT, they often get it on their own. However, this can be dangerous. Without medical supervision, side effects and negative effects can go untreated. Also, some will fall for frauds. These include inferior copies of medicine, as well as quack remedies. At least one quack was advertising an “estrogen alternative” on Twitter, as documented by Them.

U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle put a temporary block on the enforcement of Florida’s new ban on gender-affirming medical care for minors, which also seems to put restrictions on gender-affirming medical care for adults. The judge said in the ban, “Gender identity is real,” and added that there was no rational basis for denying patients treatment. The Governor’s office says that the ban is still in effect for everyone except the three children in the case, The Associated Press reports.

President Biden called opponents of transgender care “hysterical”” and “prejudiced.” The comments came at a joint press conference with U.K. prime minister Rishi Sunak. who has been far less supportive of transgender rights. The Daily Mail has this story.

Zooey Zephyr

Montana state Representative Zooey Zephyr paid a visit to Florida this week. She spoke out against the anti-transgender legislation which Governor DeSantis has pushed, and said that he and those who agree with him, “will soon be relics of the past.” PinkNews has this story.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation which bans gender-affirming care, including puberty blockers, for minors. The Williams Institute estimates there are nearly 30,000 transgender minors in Texas. Reuters has this story.

Texas also has a ban on drag. Because of the waycthat law is worded, Changing America says that it could be used against transgender people just going about their daily lives.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed the state’s ban on gender-affirming care into law. He also signed into law a ban on transgender athletes, NBC News reports.

Some families are already leaving Missouri because of the state’s new ban on gender-affirming medical care. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has this story.

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed the bathroom bill which the legislature passed aimed at restricting transgender people in public. This brings her total number of vetoes to 111 since taking office in January of this year. This story comes from the Arizona Mirror.

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards says that he expects to veto three anti-transgender bills that will soon reach his desk. One bans gender-affirming care, while the other two cover pronouns and sex ed. He challenged the legislature, “Let’s focus on real problems.” BR Proud has this story.

The Kentucky legislature passed a ban on discussions of gender identity and sexual orientation in schools. However, because they used “or” rather than “and,” the Department of Education says that school districts can choose either a ban through high school, or a ban through sixth grade. This story comes from WLKY-TV.

Chase Strangio

Chase Strangio has been very active in the legal fight against anti-transgender legislation. He gave an interview to Them, while receiving a Now Award.

Ashia Davis was found dead in Highland Park, Michigan, last week. She was a 34-year-old Black transgender woman. The Advocate has this story.

A suspect has been charged in the murder of transgender woman Ashley Burton in Atlanta. The 37-year-old was shot to death in April. This story comes from The Advocate.

A transgender woman who drives a bus in New York City was assaulted by a fellow bus driver for using the ladies’ locker room. PinkNews has this story.

A transgender woman has been charged with the murder of her father. Fox News has a story about this, though they seem to miss several times when a trans woman is the victim.

A library in Butte, Montana, cancelled a transgender speaker, because they feared being prosecuted under the new ban on drag performances. This story comes from Mother Jones.

The White House Pride Ceremony was delayed by two days, because of concerns about air quality. You can see this story at The Advocate.

The White House announced that the Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and Health and Human Services would provide training in handling active shooters, bomb threats, and cybersecurity attacks to LGBTQ centers and healthcare providers to the LGBTQ community. Other initiatives were also announced, according to Them.

A new survey by the Public Religion Research Institute shows that only 1/3 of those surveyed think it is “never appropriate” to discuss gender identity in school. This story comes from The Advocate.

Sportskeeda reports the Australian Open is about to enact a gender policy allowing transgender females to compete with cis-females.

Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney says she is ready to take her gender transition in a more private direction. This comes from an interview with Them who gave her a Now Award.

Professional transgender comedians do not typically perform on the same bill, but they do at Clandestina Queer Comedy, a part of the London LGBTQ+ Stand Up Comedy Festival. PinkNews has this story.

Fans are speculating that in the new movie Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse, Gwen Stacy is a transgender allegory. Vox has the clues.

The United Kingdom was named one of the worst countries for trans rights. In the survey, only two other countries came in worse–the United States and Hungary. Now, this survey is based on personal opinion; there are plenty of awful countries, but people do not think of them right away. This story comes from PinkNews.

Feminas Peru is helping trans women in Lima to overcome discrimination to get health care and other rights. They won a Now Award, and are profiled by Them.

Trans News Now is assembled by Cecilia Barzyk with additional content and editing by Angela Gardner.

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