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Ashley Brundage

Democrat Ashley Brundage this week launched a campaign for a Hillsborough County seat in the Florida House, and to try to become the first transgender member of the Legislature. Learn more from Yahoo News.

An appeals court has heard the first case against a ban on gender-affirming care for minors. This case to be heard in St. Louis, concerns the ban in Arkansas. The Arkansas Advocate has this story.

Democrats in Congress have introduced a resolution in support of LGBTQ youth. The resolution notes that transgender students are often the subjects of restrictions in athletics, restrictions on gender-affirming care, and restrictions on access to restrooms and locker rooms. This story comes from The Advocate.

A judge in Florida has ruled that the state must, at least for now, allow at least three teachers–two transgender teachers and one non-binary teacher–to use the pronoun which a student prefers, even if it does not match that student’s “biological sex.” The judge said, “Once again, the state of Florida has a first-amendment problem.” Fox News has this story.

Idaho Governor Brad Little signed into law a bill which requires teachers to only use a student’s legal name and pronouns that reflect the student’s “biological sex.” The Hill has this story.

The Tennessee Senate passed a bill that would criminalize helping a minor to receive gender-affirming medical care. This story comes from NBC News.

A bill in Kansas would ban all websites which the state legislature feels could be “harmful” to minors. According to LGBTQ Nation, a website which shows a picture of two women holding hands might qualify as “sexually explicit,” and therefore fall afoul of this law.


A Nigerian transgender celebrity, known popularly as “Bobrisky,” was sentenced to six months in jail. Her crime was throwing money in the air, which is against the law but is rarely prosecuted. ABC News has this story.

A transgender man was shot at a shopping centre in south Florida. He died a few days later. NBC Miami has this story.

Africa Parrial Garcia, a 25-year-old transgender woman, was killed in Puerto Rico. She was killed on February 2, but because police reports used her deadname, it took a while to realize that it was her, according to Them.

A recent survey of transgender prisoners in U.S. prisons found that 89% had been held in solitary confinement at some point. This story comes from Them

Duke University reports that a modification of HRT will allow transgender women to lactate, This means that transgender women can breastfeed their children. This story comes from the Chronicle.

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has almost entirely banned transgender women from their sports teams. Most members of the NAIA are smaller colleges. CNN has this story.

Dev Patel included India’s hijra community in his new movie, Monkey Man. PinkNews has this story.

Patricio Manuel

Patricio Manuel is the first out transgender boxer in U.S. history. He was knocked out by Joshua Bryan Reyes 21 seconds into a bout in Indio, California on April 4. He admitted  he was “deeply disappointed” by the loss and suffering from a “bruised ego” but wasn’t ashamed of the defeat. Learn more from the Advocate.

Transgender stylists and makeup artists are getting a big moment on the red carpets, according to Them.

NHS England is setting up a review of its specialist clinics are serving their patient’s’ needs. They are doing so using Dr. Helen Cass’s study as a guide. Dr. Cass is critical of the majority of studies on trans patients, saying that the studies are not double-blind. That is true, but the studies she prefers are not double-blind, either. Also, she feels that conversion therapy should be tried before a patient is allowed to receive gender-affirming care, and she feels that social transition should involve a mental health professional. The Guardian has this story.

Calexico Mayor Raúl Ureña.

The Los Angeles Times has a story about an effort to recall the transgender mayor of Calexico, a small California town on the border with Mexico. The mayor’s gender identity seems to be a part of the reason.

Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, who calls herself Posie Parker, held a “Let Women Speak rally in Edinburgh last week, only to find her rally drowned out by pro-trans counter protestors. This story comes from PinkNews.

Meanwhile,  This story comes the from Associated Press.

The Associated Press has a story of a father who overcame his anti-transgender prejudice when he found out his daughter was transgender.

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