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Nex Benedict

The coroner’s report attributes Nex Benedict’s death as a suicide. This does not change the fact that the non-binary teen was viciously attacked at school one day before dying. Nex described the incident in detail to police, who released the body cam footage. NBC News has this story.

President Biden issued a statement on the death of Nex Benedict. It began, “Jill and I are heartbroken by the recent loss of Nex Benedict.” It continued, “Every young person deserves to have the fundamental right and freedom to be who they are, and feel safe and supported in their communities.” The statement came the day after the medical examiner ruled that Nex Benedict’s death was a suicide. This story comes from NBC News.

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would provide additional funding for mental health care for at-risk LGBTQ+ young people. The Advocate has this story.

Last week, West Virginia’s state legislature adjourned for the year. Twenty anti-LGBTQ+ bills died in committees on that date, including the so-called “Women’s Bill of Rights.” This story comes from Erin Reed.

This week, Florida’s state legislature adjourned its session. This means that all the remaining anti-LGBTQ bills died in committee. LGBTQ Nation speculates that Governor Ron DeSantis is losing his influence in the state legislature, but more likely, the bills were seen as repetitive and not offering any new ideas.

Ruby Corado

Ruby Corado, the founder of Casa Ruby, has been arrested on a charge of bank and wire fraud. A judge has allowed her to await her trial at her niece’s home in Maryland, rather than in a jail with men. The Advocate has this story.

We reported last week that the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on several parts of Florida’s anti-LGBTQ legislation. A settlement of the Don’t Say Gay legislation allows LGBTQ students to talk to their teachers about their gender identity or sexual orientation, within certain bounds. This story comes from Them.

A Kansas judge has ruled that transgender people in the state do not have a right to change their gender marker on driver’s licenses or state identification cards. LGBTQ Nation has this story.

Last year, Georgia state Senator Ben Watson led the effort to ban gender-affirming care for minors. The legislation had a compromise in that it allowed doctors to prescribe puberty blockers and HRT to teenagers who were already receiving gender-affirming care. This year, state Senator Ben Watson wants to expand the ban to include stopping gender-affirming care for those already receiving it. This story comes from PBS NewsHour

The Texas Tribune has a story about a transgender student who has dropped out of high school because of the constant bullying he got because of his gender identity.

In states with anti-LGBTQ laws, hate crimes have quadrupled, according to a new report. The Advocate has this story.

Reyna Hernandez, a trans woman from the state of Washington, disappeared last month. Her body was discovered in a Mexican cemetery, and it showed signs that she had been tortured. This story comes from The Advocate.

Sixteen current and former college athletes have filed suit against the NCAA, saying that its policy on transgender athletes violates Title IX. SwimSwam has this story.

Dylan Mulvaney

Dylan Mulvaney has released a new song, Days Of Girlhood, to celebrate the second anniversary of her gender transition. This story comes from

Last week, Allstora, the online bookstore co-owned by RuPaul, was taken to task for selling some books written by very anti-LGBTQ right-wing types. This week, Eric Cervini, the CEO of Allstora, issued an apology and promised to remove those anti-LGBTQ books from the store. The Advocate has this story.

The long-running Canadian science series, The Nature Of Things, has an episode devoted to gender fluid animals. It is titled Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary. This story comes from Them.

England’s National Health Service announced this week that it will no longer prescribe puberty blockers to transgender teens. Doctors in private practice may still prescribe puberty blockers. This comes not in response to studies showing the dangers of puberty blockers, but rather in response to political pressure. CNN has this story.

Four teens have been charged in the stabbing of a transgender teen at a birthday party in London last month. The victim has not been publicly identified. This story comes from The Standard.

Rachel Pollack

DC Comics has announced a special edition of the best stories by transgender writer Rachel Pollack, a year after she passed away. The special edition will come out in time for Pride month, according to Them.

Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour Party in the Parliament of the U.K., backs a ban on transgender athletes. PinkNews has this story.

A transgender couple was attacked at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in Greece. However, many came to protest the attack the next day. This story comes from PinkNews.

LGBTQ Nation has a story on how we can still find joy even as politicians attack us.

Transgender scientists talked about trans marginalization in STEMM and how trans people can be better supported. This article appears in Cell.

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