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Amanda Tori Meating

While conservatives continue to try and make drag shows illegal season 16 of RuPaul’s Drag Race will premier next month. has a look at the queens who will be competing.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has vetoed the bill which would have banned gender-affirming care for minors in that state. The Wisconsin legislature is two votes short of a Republican supermajority, so an effort to override the veto is unlikely to succeed. Wisconsin Watch has this story.

ProPublica has a long article about how the Medical University of South Carolina went from saying it would not be affected by a law forbidding the use of tax money to provide gender-affirming care to minors to ending gender-affirming care to minors.

The Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida, saying that its ban on gender-affirming care for minors violates both the Affordable Care Act and the Medicaid act. WGCU has this story.

A judge in Utah has ruled that families must turn over the mental health records of two transgender girls who wanted to play on sports teams. The judge has already issued a temporary order blocking the state from enforcing the ban on trans athletes, but since that ruling cited the mental health of the proposed athletes, the records of their mental health must be produced. This story comes from the Associated Press.

Trans cyclists.

Transgender women finished first and second in the Illinois State Cyclocross Championships. Donald Trump Jr. took to X to say that this proves that transgender athletes have an unfair advantage, and that they need to be banned. NBC News reports that the woman who finished third supports the transgender athletes.

Mother Jones reports that the Democratic Party is spending money already on ads in states where abortion and LGBTQ+ right are big issues.

In Colorado, parents are upset that their daughter was told to share a bed with a transgender female during a school trip. Catholic News Agency has this story.

The National Defense Authorization Act has been finalized. It will not have provisions restricting the military’s policies on transgender members or abortion. This story comes from

Montana recently passed a law which declares sex to be a binary, defined by biology. Not only does this defy the reality of biology by defining intersex people as male or female, it also imposes its bad biology on other cultures, such as Native Americans. They have joined a lawsuit challenging the law. CNN Wire has this story.

Police in Boston have reopened the case of the murder of Rita Hester. This murder, 25 years ago, was the impetus for starting Transgender Day of Remembrance. This story comes from WGBH.

Savannah Ryan Williams was murdered in Minneapolis. A suspect has been arrested on suspicion of having shot her. Minnesota Public Radio has this story.

Dr. Jeanne Hoff

Dr. Jeanne Hoff, the first openly trans psychiatrist to treat transgender patients, passed away on October 26. She was 85. Her obituary is in Them.

Trans people counseling trans people is still happening in the mental health field. TACT is a peer-counseling provider in Britain, and it is profiled in PinkNews.

Trace Lysette received a nomination for an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in Monica. reports that she is the fifth transgender person to be nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

Hunter Schafer is set to appear in a new horror video game called OD. The game comes from Hideo Kojima, a video game director of note. This story comes from Them.

Minnesota Public Radio has a story about the debut of the Minneapolis version of Trans Voices Cabaret.

Tobias Picker, a composer, and librettist Aryeh Lev Stollman have written an opera about Lili Elbe. SlippedDisc has this story.

We Live Here: The Midwest is a new documentary about families with gender LGBTQ+ members living in the Midwest. It is on Hulu now. You can read about it in Them.

Alex Newell

Alex Newell, one of the first two non-binary actors to receive a Tony award, was named Breakthrough of the Year by TIME magazine. The Advocate has this story.

A court has ruled that the British Parliament acted legally in blocking the Scottish government’s Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill. PinkNews has this story.

The Conservative majority in the British Parliament have created an update for the list of countries whose Gender Recognition Certificates it regards as acceptable. PinkNews reports that they feel that some countries issue GRCs too easily, and therefore did not make the list, while some countries which made the list still require transgender people provide proof of sterilization in order to update their legal gender.

The El Paso Museum of History has a new exhibit about trans and non-binary people in history. It will be on display until January 6. This story comes from KVIA-TV.

The Washington Post has a rather lengthy story on detransitioners. Actually, it focuses on one rather loud detransitioner, Prisha Mosley. She holds many progressive views, but sides with conservatives on the matter of gender transitioning.

CBN News has a profile of another detransitioner, Nikita Teran. She says that doctors missed what she considers obvious signs that she was not doing well in her transition.

New research published in Plos One suggests that most detransitioners do not stop HRT out of regret that they explored their gender identity. In the study, the majority shifted to a non-binary gender. PinkNews has this story.

Gen Suzuki

Gen Suzuki, a trans man, has received a new gender identity in Japan’s family registry. Japan Today has this story.

We told you last week about a transgender student in Florida who played on her school’s volleyball team. The Miami Herald has a story on her, with some care to hide her identity. She has been outed by the incident, to some extent at least.

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