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Hallie came out as transgender on Big Brother UK. PinkNews reports that after she came out, the other housemates shared their pronouns.

A nine-year-old is suing the state of North Carolina for access to gender-affirming care. Technically, Victor’s parents are suing on his behalf, and since he has standing, groups such as the ACLU are supporting him. Doctors who would provide gender-affirming care to minors are also involved in the suit. Newsweek has this story.

In Montana, a suit in state court seeks to prevent the enforcement of a law which defines “sex” as binary, either male or female. This story comes from the Associated Press.

Meanwhile in Oklahoma, a judge has ruled that the state of Oklahoma may begin enforcing its ban on gender-affirming care for young transgender people, while the lawsuit over its constitutionality continues. The Associated Press has this story.

The 19th reports that the differing decisions in current cases against laws banning gender-affirming care for minors could end up being decided by the Supreme Court.

A ban on transgender students using the restroom which corresponds to their gender identity will go into effect in Idaho. A federal judge refused to issue a stay, saying that the opponents of the ban had not shown that they were likely to win the case which will be held. The Idaho Statesman has this story.

LGBTQ Nation reports that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was humiliated by a decision of the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, which held that his ban on drag shows was discriminatory.

Voters in Bellefontaine, Ohio, will not find a drag ban on their ballot this year. The state Supreme Court ruled that the Secretary of State was incorrect when he said that the ban could go on the ballot. The Advocate has this story.

Chyna Long

Chyna Long, a Black transgender woman, was murdered in Milwaukee. She was shot to death and left on the street. This story comes from WISN-TV.

Two roommates in Las Vegas have been indicted on charges of binding and sexually assaulting a transgender woman. KLAS-TV has this story.

Newsweek reports that a worker in a deli in New York attacked a woman with mace while claiming that she is transgender.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, generally an ally of LGBTQ people, vetoed a law which would have required health insurers in the state to cover gender-affirming care and abortions. He said, “It is a priority of my Administration to ensure that abortion and gender-affirming care are safe, legal, and accessible. However, it is not evident that out-of-state insurance plans serving Californians do not already cover this care.” The Advocate has this story.

LGBTQ Nation reports that health care providers in Nebraska are confused by the new regulations for the care of minors with gender dysphoria. The regulations require at least 40 hours of therapy which is “clinically neutral and not in a gender-affirming context.” Such care would go against their professional guidelines.

The popular San Francisco LGBTQ+ bar The Stud has formed a nonprofit arm called Stud Collective.  Its job is to create a first for the city, a drag queen school. The Stud School of Drag will educate would-be queens on the basics drag performance. Weekly classes will be taught by drag queen experts. Learn more about the school from the KRON4 website. Thanks to Shelley Baker for the news tip.

Older transgender people are fearful of what is happening to younger transgender people due to the political attacks on their rights and their treatment. NBC News Out has this story.

A whistleblower’s report led to the Missouri Attorney General imposing an “emergency” order on minors receiving gender-affirming care, which in turn led to Washington University closing its gender center. An investigation by KMOV-TV finds evidence that the whistleblower included false or misleading evidence in the report. For example, one transgender child did suffer liver damage after receiving a puberty-blocking medication which has been linked to liver damage, but a medication which that teenager took for effects of long COVID also carries a warning that it could cause liver damage.

Marina Machette

At least two transgender women will compete for the title of Miss Universe next month. Marina Machette, Miss Portugal, and Rikkie Valerie Kollé, Miss Netherlands will be among the contestants. Scripps News has this story.

A non-binary runner has received an exemption from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, allowing them to compete while taking testosterone. This is believed to be the first exemption, according to Them.

The Daily Mail reports that transgender women finished first and second in the Chicago CycloCross Cup races. reports on two movies with transgender themes that will play at the AFI Film Fest.

Andrew Boff, a gay MP and a member of the Conservative Party, was thrown out of Suella Braverman’s conference speech, for disagreeing with her attacks on transgender people. He has stated that there is no such thing as a “gender ideology.” PinkNews has this story.

Politico has a report on transgender policies in Europe. Suffice it to say that the actual policies are not what the Republicans say they are.

Family members of trans and non-binary youth are invited to attend the inaugural Keystone Family Retreat, hosted by TransCentralPA and the Keystone Conference. The retreat happens November 10th-12th at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel, the original home of the Keystone Conference. For more information visit the Retreat website.

A family court in Japan has ruled that requiring transgender people to have surgery before they can change their legal sex designation is unconstitutional. The Associated Press has this story.

Protestors in Singapore are supporting an autistic transgender woman, who is in danger of being arrested and either sent to a men’s prison or to a mental hospital where she was previously raped. Some blame the U.S. far right for the policy the Singapore government is engaged in. This story comes from LGBTQ Nation.

Alice Litman

An inquest into the suicide of Alice Litman, a 20-year-old who was unable to be seen by a gender counselor for adults, finds that mental health efforts for her were “half-hearted.” That appears to be rather kind, as The BBC report shows.

A new survey by Data For Progress finds that knowing a transgender person makes one far more likely to respect the rights of transgender people. This finding seems to be especially marked in those who describe themselves as “independent” voters, more than those who describe themselves as “Democrats” or “Republicans.” The Advocate.

A new mural in Lincoln, Nebraska, honors Brandon Teena, 30 years after his murder. This story comes from The Nebraska Examiner.

Trans News Now is assembled by Cecilia Barzyk with additional content and editing by Angela Gardner.

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