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Vanessa Joy

Vanessa Joy has been officially disqualified from appearing on the ballot for the Ohio primary. She failed to put her deadname on her nominating petitions. Spectrum News has this story.

To no one’s surprise, the Ohio state Senate voted to override Governor DeWine’s veto of a combination ban on gender-affirming care for minors and a ban on transgender athletes in girls’ and women’s sports. The Hill has this story.

PinkNews reports that at least 68 families have requested emergency funds from TransOhio in order to flee Ohio after the state banned gender-affirming care for minors.

Legislators in Missouri have added a provision to force students to use the restroom which matches their “biological sex” at school to the “Parents Bill of Rights” legislation. The Missouri Independent has this story.

In Iowa, the state House of Representatives has scheduled a hearing on a bill to remove protection against discrimination for “gender identity.” This story comes from the Des Moines Register.

A telehealth clinic in Georgia has confirmed that it has received a request for medical records from Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. Seattle Children’s hospital also received a similar request for records, which it is fighting in court. The Houston Chronicle has this story.

Lia Thomas

Lia Thomas has begun a legal challenge to the restrictions that World Aquatics has put on transgender swimmers in the Olympics. The case will be heard at the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland. BBC Sport.

Florida lawmakers are considering a bill which would make it easier for health insurers to deny claims for gender-affirming care, even from policies for adults. Those health insurance plans which do offer gender-affirming care would be required fo also cover the cost of detransition, if the bill becomes law. This story comes from PinkNews.

Transgender veterans are suing the VA because it has not covered gender-affirming care as it said that it would. Federal News Network has this story.

Transgender prisoners in Florida have been unable to access gender-affirming care, ever since Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law which forbids the use of state money to pay for gender-affirming care. This story comes from Them.

WNBC-TV News reports that a prisoner at Rikers Island claiming to be transgender has been charged with raping female prisoners. A woman who was held prisoner has filed a suit, saying that the authorities refused to listen to her complaints about the supposedly transgender prisoner.

A man has been sentenced to 48 years in jail for fatally shooting transgender woman Taya Aston. The Washington Post has this story.

Kitty Monroe

Kitty Monroe, a transgender woman of color, was killed in a hit-and-run accident in Phoenix on New Year’s Day. This story comes from Them.

The Biden administration has called for a $700,000 grant to create sex education material which includes transgender males. The Advocate has this story.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control finds that the increased rate of HIV among transgender women is in part due to discrimination.

Although lawmakers keep citing tremendous amounts of regret among those who have had gender-affirming surgery. A study suggests that less than one percent of those who have such surgery experience regret. This story appears in The Conversation.

Hailey Davidson won an LPGA tournament, the first time a transgender golfer has won a women’s professional tournament. She will be tested for high testosterone level before her win is confirmed, according to PinkNews.

Cal Calamia won the non-binary division of the New York City Marathon last November. However, according to LGBTQ Nation, Cal has yet to be paid the $5,000 prize money. It seems that the marathon instituted a rule that cash prizes only go to those who have been members of the New York Road Runners Club for at least six months, a rule which was instituted less than six months before the 2023 marathon.

Harper and Will.

Will Ferrell is making a movie about supporting his best friend during her gender transition. Mr. Ferrell and Harper Steele met while working on Saturday Night Live, and have been friends ever since. The pair embark on a cross-country road trip. The Advocate has this story.

A transgender singer on TikTok sings duets with herself. Marlene, who posts videos as Avelosongs, has used what she learnt in voice therapy lessons to sing both male and female roles, and through some video trickery, she sings duets with herself. She talked to PinkNews about this.

A survey found that 3/4 of transgender people in Australia reported having been abused or mistreated by parents or other authority figures. PinkNews has this story.

Several human rights organizations are calling on Meta, the company behind Facebook, and Instagram, to step up its efforts to protect LGBTQ users in the Middle East and North Africa. This story comes from Them.

Several human rights organizations are calling on the United Nations to investigate Texas and its anti-LGBTQ, especially its anti-transgender, legislation. They call it a “human rights crisis.” The Advocate has this story.

Coming to a city near you–Dungeons & Drag Queens. A comic in Seattle has paired drag performers with the fantasy of Dungeons & Dragons and the show is playing to full houses. Learn more from The Seattle Times.

LGBTQ Nation has an article about the use of billboards to promote LGBTQ acceptance, especially as a way to express opposition to billboards which demean LGBTQ people.

A study found that Americans born between 1997 and 2012 are more likely to identify as LGBTQ than they are to identify as Republicans. They are also more racially diverse, and less likely to identify as white Christians. The Advocate has this story.

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