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Zoe Terakes

Greek Australian horror film star Zoe Terakes, who identifies as trans masculine has won the GQ Actor of the Year Award. His latest role was in Talk To Me, the most successful horror film for the independent production company A24. Terakes is also making history by becoming the first openly trans actor to appear in a Marvel movie with his role in Ironheart. When asked about how being trans had affected his career he said, “I kind of fell into the right hands at the right time, and worked my arse off, but I think if I was born 20 or 30 years earlier, I wouldn’t have a career”. Learn more about Zoe Terakes from

Selena Gomez is starring in her first Spanish language film, a crime musical comedy. Gomez portrays a lawyer who helps a cartel leader to retire and transition into life as a woman. The cartel boss is played by transgender actress Karla Sofia Gascón. The film’s title is Emilia Pérez and it will be released in 2025. 

Josie Totah

The series based on Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel The Buccaneers has been picked up for a second season by Apple TV+. The series tells the story of a group of party-loving American girls who wanna have fun in the 1870s. But that’s not all they want. They descend upon London to secure a husband and title. Among the group is transgender actress Josie Totah as lesbian character Mabel Elmsworth. The show just had its first season finale. While you wait for the second season you can catch up by binging the first season. Learn more about the show and Josie Totah’s role from  Yahoo.

Alex Newell stars in Pacemaker, a trans-positive musical short film. It tells the story of a grandfather who is waiting for a pacemaker, and is hopeful about acceptance of his trans grandson. The film’s writer/producer was inspired to write the piece by his trans son, Tobi, who also consulted on the film’s story. Here is a song from the film.

The Star Beast special of the Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Specials introduced Rose, a transgender teen, to viewers. She was played by real life trans girl Yasmin Finney, Shortly after the show concluded the BBC got complaints from people who felt Rose was “inappropriate” and some said the special was “anti-male.” Over 7 million people saw The Star Beast and 144 people complained. Sod off you lot.

Jesse James Keitel

Jesse James Keitel, known for Big Sky and Queer as Folk, will be working onstage in February playing Christine Jorgensen in The Christine Jorgensen Show. Previews will commence on February 8 and opening night will be the 14th. The show runs through March 3. Get ticket info from Playbill.

An 11 minute short titled Bust has been accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. It tells the story of a trans cop in the New York City Police Department who goes undercover to make a drug bust. Visit the Festival’s webpage for more information.

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