‘White Lotus’ hottie Adam DiMarco joins Bumble and has all the guys & gals swiping right

‘White Lotus’ hottie Adam DiMarco joins Bumble and has all the guys & gals swiping right

You are currently viewing ‘White Lotus’ hottie Adam DiMarco joins Bumble and has all the guys & gals swiping right
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Adam DiMarco

The gays are not trying to murder Adam DiMarco. Quite the contrary.

After playing the socially awkward but extremely nice character of Albie DiGrasso on the second season of The White Lotus, DiMarco has followed it up with a new role capitalizing on his universal non-threatening sex appeal. Sorry, Portia!

The actor is the star of a new ad for the popular dating app Bumble and the quintessential nice guy now has everyone swiping right.

The clip is entitled “Kindness is sexy” and follows as DiMarco, clad in a satin jacket similar to the one Ryan Gosling wore in the 2011 film Drive, walks around town mesmerizing everyone he interacts with by performing random acts of kindness, petting kittens, exchanging pleasantries, and complimenting strangers.

While he seems oblivious to the stares and spells he casts on those in his path, DiMarco’s handsome looks, charisma, and positive energy gets the attention of men and women alike.

Towards the end of the video, DiMarco makes his way past a group of people washing cars and catches the eye of a hunk in a sleeveless shirt holding a hose who is completely entranced with his nice guy swagger. Swoon!

While the inclusive shot is quick, it drives home the message that everyone should avoid falling for jerks.

The clips ends as DiMarco continues to confidently strut down the street as the words “Kindness. Now that’s sexy” flashes across the screen.

Since the ad started running earlier this summer, DiMarco’s queer fans have only gotten more rabid with their affection.

The bisexual Bumble buzz is hot!

Bumble is open to everyone, but in opposite gender matches the female is the only one that can initiate contact with a male match. In same-sex and non-binary matches, either person can make first contact, per the company’s website.

Prior to his dating app glow up, DiMarco went viral after one of his old gigs playing a “demon twink” was rediscovered earlier this year.

In the 2014 LGBTQ+ comedy Date and Switch starring Succession actor Nicholas Braun, DiMarco appeared as “Jared”, an over-the-top gay in a pink tank top who makes quite an impression inside a gay bar.

It’s chaotic to say the least:

In real life, DiMarco appears to be truer to his nice guy persona on The White Lotus.

“I’m not on TikTok too much, but I feel like there’s this trend going around about main character energy. It’s like I’m the main character and everyone else is like an NPC [Non-playable character] and that’s a self-centered way of looking at things,” he told Nylon.

“You don’t know what the person behind you or in front of you in line is going through, what their day is looking like. You can genuinely turn someone’s day around by the tiniest little act of kindness.”

We stan our kindness king!

Check out a few more shots of DiMarco being kind and sexy on Instagram:


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