Trans in Film and Video 8/21/23

Trans in Film and Video 8/21/23

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With the ongoing writers and actors strikes halting production on the majority of film and television projects we had to work a little harder to find something to write about. While we get it all organized and whipped into shape take a look at this compilation of trans actors, The Wrap’s 21 Transgender Actors and Actresses to Follow.

Yasmin Finney

Trans actress Yasmin Finney is making waves in the U.K.. First for her supporting role in the gay teen show Heartstopper as a friend of the lads in love, and excitement is building for her debut in the next season of Doctor Who. She plays the role of Rose — the first permanent trans character in the many decades of the intergalactic Doctor’s tales. Get to know Yasmin through an interview with El País.

Comedian Jess Hilarious compared trans people to mental patients, and actress Ts Madison told Rolling Stone she’s fighting back for her community. Hilarious posted a video to Instagram responding to a video by trans TikTok creator Blessing Rose in which Rose said cis women “don’t own womanhood or periods.” Get deeper into the drama in Rolling Stone.

The Arab world is fairly homophobic. No, they’re unfairly homophobic. Their reaction to the presence of trans actress Hari Nef in Barbie held up the debut of the film in several Middle Eastern countries for over a month. Another film, Talk to Me, got stopped after it was previewed by Kuwaiti authorities and they spotted trans masculine actor Zoe Terakes in the film. The movie made it past film censors in most of the Gulf countries but Kuwait said no. Talk to Me is a horror film and there is no mention of Terakes’ character’s gender identity. But the eagle eyed film authorities figured it out. Learn more from an article in Vanity Fair.


One Piece is a Japanese manga series that debuted in July 1997. The story follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his crew, the Straw Hat Pirates, as they explore the Grand Line in search of the mythical treasure known as the “One Piece” so Luffy can become the next King of the Pirates. The manga has hundreds of characters who have been introduced over the decades but the one that we are interested in is Kiku, or Kikunojo of the Fallen Snow. She is a samurai who was born male but has claimed a feminine identity. Learn more from Yahoo Entertainment.

Aneesh Sheth

Red White & Royal Blue is based on Casey McQuiston’s best-selling 2019 novel about the transatlantic trysts and drama created when the son of the U.S. president falls for his British rival, Prince Henry. What starts out as a rivalry turns into romance. What interests us most is that one of the U.S. President’s Secret Service agents is played by trans actress Aneesh Sheth. You can watch to movie on Prime Video. PinkNews has the whole story on this LGBTQ romance.

90 Day Fiancé which debuted on TLC in 2014 has turned into a many tentacled monster that is sparking high ratings by spinning off new shows based on a slightly different premise. Dozens of them. How does this matter to us? Season 6 of the spinoff, called B90, has cast members watching video of themselves and making comments about what they did and said. And the show has a transgender woman named Cleo, (who also identifies as neurodivergent) in its cast. TLC used to be called The Learning Channel. We’re learning a large number of people will watch almost anything.

Nora J.S. Reichardt

In local news, Iowa’s first openly transgender TV reporter, Nora J.S. Reichardt left Local5 WOI last month. Her new new job is a digital position at Moline-based ABC affiliate WQAD. in the Quad Cities, according to a social media statement. Best of luck to Ms. Reichardt in the Quad Cities. Now over to Biff for the weather.

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