Trans / Crossdresser Photoshoot Tips: How to Look Hot in Your MTF Photos

Trans / Crossdresser Photoshoot Tips: How to Look Hot in Your MTF Photos

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Trans / Crossdresser Photoshoot Tips: How to Look Hot in Your MTF Photos

Photos are a great way to share your female self with the world. But maybe you think you have to look like a model to take stunning photos? Guess again! 

Looking gorgeous in photos all mastering the right techniques and having a few tricks up your sleeve.

In this blog post, I share 8 trans / crossdresser photoshoot tips that can help you look and feel your best.

Whether you’re taking selfies or working with a photographer as part of a transformation service, these tips will help you look HOT in your MTF photos.

Top 8 MTF Trans / Crossdresser Photoshoot Tips

1. It’s all about the lighting

ring light

Lighting is the #1 make-or-break factor in your photos. Good lighting can literally take 10 years off your face and make you look softer, prettier, and more feminine.

The best and easiest lighting to work with is natural sunlight. Either shoot outside or in a well-lit room with lots of windows. Here are a few tips for working with natural light:

  • Overcast days are the best time to shoot since the lighting is softer.
  • If you are using window light, be sure to shoot facing the window. Having the light behind you or on the side will result in dark shadows.
  • Play around with your position and location to ensure you’re capturing the most flattering lighting.

No sunlight? No problem! Another great solution is to invest in a ring light. Ring lights provide soft, even lighting on the face. It’s why beauty influencers love them!

2. Stabilize and position the camera correctly

camera set up

A shaky camera or awkward angle will ruin any image. That’s why it’s so important to position the camera correctly.

Here are 3 tips for stabilizing and positioning your camera:

  • Get a tripod. Tripods are inexpensive and will immediately up your photo game. If you’re taking selfies, you can either use the camera timer or invest in a remote control camera shutter for your phone.
  • Try a selfie stick. These silly gadgets are actually very helpful for taking flattering selfie photos and getting rid of that “extended arm in the photo” look.

Speaking of selfies, did you know that photos taken at arm distance distort your face and can make your nose look 30% bigger? Yup, studies prove it! The solution is to take photos at a proper distance using the methods above.

3. Find the right angle for your face

posing at the studio illustration

Now let’s talk about the camera angle. This has a huge impact on how your photos turn out.

A camera angle that’s too low can create the look of a double chin. A camera angle that’s too high looks awkward. 

The camera lens should be positioned at or slightly above eye level for the most flattering shots.

Another tip is to project your chin forward an inch or so more than normal. This helps define your jawline, regardless of the camera angle.

4. Adjust your body angle

pin up girl posing in lingerie

When it comes to flattering photos, it’s all about the angles.

The #1 rule is to avoid facing the camera straight on. This tends to make your body look wider than it actually is.

Instead, angle your torso away from the camera. This creates the illusion of smaller shoulders and helps balance the proportions of your body.

5. Find your best side

feminine face

It’s not a myth that everybody has a “good side.” Our faces aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so they look different from each side.

Experiment with different facial angles until you find your best look. Try turning your face slightly right or left, and tilting your chin up and down.

Also consider your eyes. Instead of looking straight at the camera, try looking up or away. Once you’ve found your good side, work it!

6. Watch your arms

posing in red dress

Arms are a trouble spot for many crossdressers and transgender women.

Posing with your arms pressed against your body makes them look even bigger. Keep your arms slightly away from your body for a slimming effect.

You can also cover your shoulders with a pretty scarf. This helps downplay your arms while still allowing you to show some skin.

7. Think pretty thoughts

cartoon woman with thought bubble

The camera captures EVERYTHING. If you feel bad about yourself, I guarantee it’ll be reflected in your photos.

That means you need to psych yourself up so you feel as stunning as possible during your photo shoot.

Music can instantly boost your mood, so put on some funky music and tell yourself that you’re the hottest thing since Bella Hadid!

Finally, don’t forget that even the most beautiful women in the world occasionally take bad photos. Immediately delete any bad photos – and treasure the good ones!

8. Try a photo filter

Everlook selfie app

There are all kinds of selfie apps that can take your photos from good to gorgeous. 

While I don’t recommend going overboard with photo filters or face editing tools, improving the colors and lighting in your photos can make a big difference.

To learn more, check out my blog post on Top 5 MTF Selfie Apps and Feminization Photo Editors to Transform Your Pics.

Share your favorite photo!

Now it’s your turn: I’d love to see your best shot, so share your favorite photo below!


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