Top 15 Songs to Bring Out Your Inner Woman (Transgender / Crossdressing Music)

Top 15 Songs to Bring Out Your Inner Woman (Transgender / Crossdressing Music)

You are currently viewing Top 15 Songs to Bring Out Your Inner Woman (Transgender / Crossdressing Music)
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I hope its okay to be here. I don’t meet the rote definition of transsexual that many transitioned transsexuals espouse, and although I love to consider myself a sissy, I don’t meet the mainstream kink sexualsocial definition of that either. The few times anyone has ever asked me if I am a sissy, my response has been: YES! I am indeed a sissy! But I am also much more than JUST a sissy! Much, MUCH more! I am also a wuss, a wussy, a puss, a pussy, a pansy, a pantywaist, a milquetoast, and a femmy little fairy-Faye! I refer to myself as a soft, meek, and ever so sweet, mincing, swishing, sashaying, sometimes lisping, often limp-wristed, exceedingly effeminate, exquisitely emasculated, fabulously feminized, gloriously girlified, hopelessly indulgent, sissy, transsexual, transvestite, weakling!

But anyhow, I just happened to be sitting at my computer with my slender, undeniably girlish, fully permanently hairless from the ears down body, ever so femininely attired in full-support, control-top pantyhose, in “suntan”, frilly white nylon low cut panties, my favorite Vassarette, full-cup, all-lace, padded, underwire, retro-style bra in White Ice, just-below-the-butt-cheeks, 8″ wide lace hemmed nylon full slip (yes, white), white polyester Isotoner ballet slippers, with my hair in curlers, smelling like I just bathed on a well-titrated mixture of knock-off Chanel #5, True Charlies Silver and Red, a few others with names that I not have handy, and a trace of an ever-so-scant hint of an ever curious, undeniably stinky yet amazingly horn-inducing, female pheromone that supposedly is the same pheromone released by an ovulating cis-female, and saw the call for songs and figured I’d toss in my three-dollar bill’s worth.

They are all from my Youtube public playlist titled: “Music for Crossdressing”



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