Pedro Pascal’s drunken make out, Jake Gyllenhaal’s thirst stunt & Taylor Zakhar Perez goes wild

Pedro Pascal’s drunken make out, Jake Gyllenhaal’s thirst stunt & Taylor Zakhar Perez goes wild

You are currently viewing Pedro Pascal’s drunken make out, Jake Gyllenhaal’s thirst stunt & Taylor Zakhar Perez goes wild
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It’s Monday (again). A lot happened over the weekend. Here’s just some of what you might have missed…

QUEERING THE OSCARS: All of Us Strangers, Colman Domingo, Lily Gladstone, Jodie Foster & M3GAN are among the winners at the 15th annual Dorian Film Awards, handed out by GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics. [The Hollywood Reporter]

NIP IT LIKE BECKHAM: Men with money to burn are dropping upwards of $5K to go under the knife to have their nipples downsized to mimic David Beckham’s tiny “almond-shaped” teats. [NY Post]

DRUNK SLUTTY DADDY: After his surprise win at the SAG Awards, an overserved Pedro Pascal joked he was going to make out with Succession star Kieran Culkin, with whom he’s had a friendly rivalry throughout award season. We’d love to see it!

FAITHFULS: The Traitors host Alan Cumming gets candid about coming out as bisexual in the ’90s, why he’s grateful for not having children with his ex-wife, and being happily married to his husband of 17 years. [People]

ALL OF US CRINGING: The BBC has finally responded to criticism after one of their red carpet reporters asked Andrew Scott awkward questions about Barry Keoghan’s body in Saltburn and the outlet is not apologizing about it. [IndieWire]

BODY BY JAKE: Another day, another scantily-clad, wet clip of Jake Gyllenhaal getting into fighting shape & performing stunts to play a ridiculously buff UFC fighter in Road House. Keep ’em coming!

HERO: During his Independent Spirit Awards acceptance speech, Nick Offerman slammed the homophobic hate his episode of The Last of Us received from toxic fans because it centered on a gay couple. [Deadline]

RIP: Gay fashion designer Claude Montana, known for igniting the big shoulder pad trend of the 1980s, dies at 76. [W magazine]

RED, WHITE & 9-1-1: While at the SAG Awards, Taylor Zakhar Perez dropped hints about a Red, White & Royal Blue sequel and discussed his wildest – and scariest – fan encounter. [People]

THE TRUMAN SHOW: With everyone obsessing over Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans, Bowen Yang channeled Truman Capote in a hilarious SNL sketch listing all the famous women he loves… to hate.

CANDLE IN THE WIND: Elton John announced his AIDS Foundation will donate an additional $2.9 million to assist people living with HIV, or at risk of the disease, in the Ukraine. [Instagram]

DRAG MOTHER: Following her guest judging RuPaul’s Drag Race, Kyra Sedgwick gave the queens a pep talk praising all they do and opened up about taking her and Kevin Bacon’s son to his first drag show when he was eight years old in the ’90s. [Entertainment Weekly]

DISCO DIVA: Fashionista/socialite/singer Daphne Guinness enlists queer photographer/director David LaChapelle to helm her new music video “Volcano,” which pays tribute to Faye Dunaway’s 1978 campy fashion thriller The Eyes of Laura Mars. IYKYK.

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