Top 15 MTF Transgender & Crossdressing YouTube Channels

Top 15 MTF Transgender & Crossdressing YouTube Channels

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Top 15 MTF Transgender & Crossdressing YouTube Channels

Looking for inspiration and guidance on your MTF journey? Look no further than YouTube!

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of 15 must-watch YouTube channels where you can find the best transgender and crossdressing videos. From tips and tutorials to lifestyle content, these channels offer information and inspiration.

1. Gigi Gorgeous


One of the most popular transgender YouTubers, Gigi Gorgeous has over 2.75 million YouTube subscribers. She’s a transgender activist, author, actress, model and LGBTQ icon.

2. Victoria Rose


Victoria Rose shares helpful and entertaining videos related to lifestyle, beauty, LGBTQ topics, transgender life, and comedy. 

3. Mathilda Hogberg


Mathilda Hogberg is a Swedish transgender blogger and content creator. She posts trans related videos, lives, life updates & tips.

4. Yoya Fabulosa


Yoya Fabulosa is a gender queer crossdresser who shares tutorials and vlogs documenting her life as a crossdresser/drag queen. 



Dr. Natalia P. Zhikhareva (known as Dr. Z in the transgender community) is a clinical psychologist who shares information to help transgender and nonbinary adults break free of gender dysphoria.

6. Crossdressing Lifestyle


The Crossdressing Lifestyle channel provides quality content on everyday issues within the crossdressing community, including makeovers, reviews, top tips, interviews and insights.

7. Samantha Lux


Samantha Lux is known for her videos documenting her transgender journey, as well as her commentary videos on recent news that concerns the trans community.

8. Maya Henry


Maya Henry is a trans girl based in Toronto, Canada. She shares videos on topics ranging from fashion, to lifestyle, to hormones, and story-times.

9. Nikita Dragun


Nikita Dragun is a YouTuber, make up artist, and model with over 3.5 million YouTube subscribers. She was one of the original YouTube beauty gurus and came out as transgender in 2015.

10. Heidi Phox 


Heidi Phox shares videos of the life of a married crossdresser. She also posts thoughts, experiences and photos on her blog site.

11. Princess Joules


Julie Vu is a Canadian content creator, model, makeup artist and transgender activist. She shares her transition and life experiences on YouTube.

12. Juliette Noir


Juliette Noir creates videos to openly discuss issues that affect the wider Trans community including some serious stuff and some that’s not-so-serious.

13. Jazz Jennings


Jazz Jennings is a young YouTuber, spokesmodel, television personality, and LGBT rights activist. She shares her life experiences as she tries to create acceptance and equality in the world.

14. Vera Wylde


Vera Wylde is a genderfluid burlesque performer, model, and author. She spent years identifying as a crossdresser and aims to help dressers of all ages as best she can.

15. Alexis Cenn


Alexis Cenn is an up and coming transgender YouTuber who shares videos of her experiences as well as helpful tips videos.

What are YOUR favorite transgender / crossdressing YouTube Channels?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Please share YOUR favorite transgender / crossdressing YouTube channels below!



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