Top 12 Transgender Forums and Discussion Groups

Top 12 Transgender Forums and Discussion Groups

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Top 12 Transgender Forums and Discussion Groups

Being transgender is a beautiful and brave journey. But let’s be real – it can also be difficult and lonely if you lack support.

Thankfully, the internet provides lots of resources to connect with like-minded people and get support.

In this blog post, I share 12 transgender forums where you can share your experiences, get advice, and find your tribe!

(By the way, if you’re a crossdresser seeking support, be sure to check out my previous post on the Top 8 Crossdressing Forums and Discussion Groups here.)

So without further ado, here are the top 12 transgender forums and discussion groups where you can find a supportive community.

Reddit - r/trans

The subreddit r/trans describes itself as the Reddit home for everything transgender. It has over 390,000 members and primarily focuses on exchanging photos. It’s also a safe place to discuss various topics related to being transgender.

Susan's Place Transgender Resources – Forums

Susan’s Place is a website that offers helpful resources for the transgender community. It has forums where transgender people and their allies can connect and discuss topics related to gender transition and identity.

Transgender Heaven – Forums

The Transgender Heaven Forums offer a safe and welcoming environment to connect with others in the transgender community. In addition to the forums, you can find resources to help you navigate all aspects of the transgender experience.

Reddit - r/transgender

Another popular subreddit, r/transgender is dedicated to covering transgender news, issues, and discussion. It has over 156,000 members and is focused on some of the more serious issues faced by the transgender community today.

Transgender Pulse – Forums

The TransPulse Forums offer a safe, inclusive community for transgender and gender non-conforming folks, as well as their loved ones, to find support and information. There are many subforums covering a wide range of topics.

TGGuide - Transgender Message Forum

The Transgender Message Forum at is home to another great discussion group. It has almost 7,500 members and is committed to giving support to transgender members. You can always find interesting topics to discuss.  

Reddit - r/asktransgender

If you are looking for answers to transgender questions and issues, you can find them in the subreddit, r/asktransgender. Just post your question and let the members answer. The subreddit has over 269,000 members.

TGForum - Transgender Forum

TG Forum is dedicated to the trans community and has been providing news, information, and forums since 1995. The Transgender Discussion Group is still active and covers a variety of transgender topics.

TransFamilies – Forums

This is a forum by an organization known as Trans Families, which is a non-profit organization supporting transgender individuals and their families. Some of the topics covered include family and parenting, schools, and medical and mental healthcare.

Reddit - r/transgenderUK

The subreddit r/transgenderUK focuses on genderqueer and transgender people in the UK. With over 38,000 members, it is a great place for transgender individuals to get support and information.

Transgender India – Talk

Talk Transgender India describes itself as India’s very first forum exclusively for transgender help and support. Members discuss issues concerning transgender people and their families. – Forum

While the forums at are no longer active, I’ve included it here as a reference due to its valuable archive of past discussions. Some of these discussions may provide you with important information.

What about Facebook Groups?

While the focus of this post was on transgender forums and discussion groups, there are also a lot of helpful Facebook groups to explore, including local groups.

It’s definitely worth doing a search on Facebook and joining a few transgender groups to see which are the best fit.

Also, if you have recommendations for specific transgender Facebook Groups, let me know so I can list them here.

Which are YOUR favorite transgender forums and discussion groups?

Now I’d love to hear from you. Which transgender forums are your favorite? Are there any other forums that should be included in this list?

Please share in the comments and let’s discuss!

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