These handsy daddies may have given us the most homoerotic moment in ‘Survivor’ history

These handsy daddies may have given us the most homoerotic moment in ‘Survivor’ history

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Image Credit: ‘Australian Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains,’ Network Ten

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Queerty programming to bring you this special celebration of one of the great homoerotic moments in reality TV history!

Something has shifted in the waters over near Survivor island, and lately the long-running competition series has been more popular, more fun, and more “for than gays” than it’s been in quite some time.

That’s also true of its overseas counterpart, Australian Survivor, which will soon premiere its highly anticipated 11th season, Rebels Vs. Titans.

But in the meantime, Survivor fans across the globe are still catching up with the highly watchable 2023 Aussie season, Heroes Vs. Villains, featuring what’s been dubbed “the most stacked and jacked tribe” in Survivor history.

And it seems a specific moment has captured everyone’s attention anew for being… incredibly homoerotic.

Early on, a particularly buff competitor named Simon Vee (who was previously on the Brains Vs. Brawn season) finds what he suspects to be a hidden immunity idol.

Now, if you’re a Survivor super-fan, you know a hidden immunity idol is something you need to keep a secret—saved for only your most trusted allies in the game—unless you want to put a target on your back. So, keep it a secret Simon does… by smuggling the idol in his butt!

Ever the strategist, Simon decides to tell his fellow tribesmen Jordie (previously on Blood Vs. Water), and their ensuing interaction—re-captured in a clip that’s gone viral on Twitter X this week thanks to user @reindeereks—is both hilarious and super hot, if we’re being honest.

“I’ve got [the immunity idol,] I found it,” Simon confesses to his friend. “It’s in my pants right now.”

“Are you lying to me?,” Jordie asks with excitement. “Can you show me?”

“You can feel it in my *ss when the time’s right, but not right now in front of everyone,” Simon replies, without an ounce of irony. “It’s in my *ss crack right now.”

Without hesitation, Jordie demands, “I want to feel it.” Can you blame him? He wants to believe Simon, and there’s no other way to know he’s telling the truth, right?

So, yeah… Jordie reaches down and gets a handful, feeling the idol (and more) for himself.

We truly can’t watch the clip without giggling. It’s just so gay! Of course, both Simon and Jordie appear to be straight—their Instagram pages are chock-full of photos of them with their female partners and young kids—but, come one, you can’t tell us you’re not delighted to see these two daddies get so intimate with one another.

And, in case you were wondering: Yes, there’s footage of Simon “stowing away” the idol, too. You’re welcome!

Unsurprisingly, the clips have become a hit on X, with this initial moment clocking in at over 1.3 million views already (and 7.4k bookmarks—clearly folks have their reasons for wanting to save this for later). And surely it’s inspiring some new people to seek out Australian Survivor for the first time, no?

“and THIS is why we need hot himbos on Survivor,” one user replies. And we have to agree!

“Unironically one of the best seasons of the survivor franchise ever. And this scene alone,” writes another.

They’re not wrong! The cast Heroes Vs. Villains features some real stand-outs, from actress Sharni Vinson (who you may recognize from movies like You’re Next and Step Up 3D) and “King” George Mladenov, who memorably came out while the season was airing, and certainly goes down as one of the show’s all-time great game-players.

Sadly, there are no official channels to stream Australian Survivor in the U.S., though YouTube could prove fruitful (hint, hint) and intrepid Google-ers may want to seek out a VPN with servers in Australia.

But, thankfully, social media offers plenty of alternatives, especially if you just want to ogle videos and photos of the competitors like the ones above. Feel free to peruse the generous offerings from Simon and Jordie’s Instagram pages, as well as the official Australian Survivor account.


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