The Final Chapter

The Final Chapter

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I was finally a legal woman. Bill filed so my Birth Certificate would be amended to now state female. I also had all my diplomas changed so I could hang them in my office. Mrs. Turner at work helped change any of my work-related documents.

I called Mom. I sat down in Bill’s recliner, crossed my legs, and chatted with Mom about my life.

“Mother, if it wasn’t for you and Gwen, I have no idea how my future would have materialized. I knew from the time you first saw me dressed as Savannah and accepted and supported me, and how it made me feel inside, this road I have taken was the right path.”

I wondered what would have happened if I didn’t allow Bill didn’t ask to sit down and my table at the seafood restaurant. Or if Bill had an issue with me being a transgender woman. Or if DJ Harris didn’t have a transition policy. Besides being depressed in high school and college, I was now even more content with my life. The male named Kenny has evaporated off the face of the earth, but he held a unique place in my heart.

Mother stated, “Kenny, too, will always be in a special place in my heart as well, along with your father and my two beautiful and loving daughters.”

DJ Harris’ business was booming, and my ideas seem never to stop. Diane was given a clean bill of health, and I was glad. I preferred my job over being CEO for her anyway. But I didn’t tell her that.

Sara was out for over two-months. I was happy to see her back. Not only because she recovered, but her assistant couldn’t keep up as Sara could. I wanted to show her I cared and wanted to stay close to her. I was happy to see her back, but not just for her work. She thanked me for keeping her on the payroll. I said she was part of our family too. I said, “We take care of our family.” Soon she was settled back into her work.

Bill’s law firm grew to three partners and several new non-partners, and it seemed they always stayed busy. It also meant he could spend more time together.

Bill and I traveled to Europe, the Caribbean, and finally, somewhere I dreamed of – Hawaii. We took a few cruises that I enjoyed, and they allowed Bill to unwind and recharge from his demanding work. We continued our ballroom dancing and signed up for a ballroom dance cruise in Europe. I called Mom and Gwen every week and sometimes more often. Both Mother and Gwen visited us when they could. Sometimes together and other times individually.

My final surgery somehow completely changed how I felt and saw myself. It is hard to articulate fully, but I felt more alive, more feminine, more everything. Bill kept me young, and I hope I did the same for him. We discussed adopting a child but still haven’t followed through on it. Maybe someday.

I often wondered, what if I had a son who wanted to be a girl or a daughter who wanted to be a boy? You know my answer.

And as I promised myself, I became an advocate and spokesperson for transgender rights. I also started online classes for my doctorate.

My life as Savannah Thomas from my pre-teenage years dressing in my Sisters and Mother’s panties, a great job, meeting Bill, hormones and two female procedures, and marriage has been an amazing journey for me. I am looking for the next chapters of my life as a woman and with my husband, Bill.

The End

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