The best LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows coming to streaming in February 2024

The best LGBTQ+ movies and TV shows coming to streaming in February 2024

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Image Credits: ‘Wilde,’ Columbia TriStar (left) | ‘Couple To Throuple,’ Peacock (center) | ‘Dicks: The Musical,’ A24 (right)

After what felt like a seemingly endless January, it’s finally February—and with a whole extra day in it, to boot!

That’s right, it’s a Leap Year, so this month has 29 days instead of the regular 28. And, don’t worry, we know what you’re thinking: That means you’re going to need even more stuff to watch this month, right? Well, we’ve got your covered.

Throughout February, there are plenty of exciting LGBTQ+ friendly films, TV series, and specials worth tuning in to. Across the major streaming platforms, this month features a number of “event TV” moments—from awards shows (SAG and the Grammys) to sports competitions (the Puppy Bow, of course)—the streaming debut of some of last year’s funniest comedies (Bottoms, Dicks: The Musical), plenty of queer favorites new and old, and quite possibly the campiest new movie of the year: J.Lo’s visual album/movie musical This Is Me… Now.

Whether you use Netflix, Prime Video, Max (formerly HBO Max), Hulu, Paramount+, Peacock, Tubi—or some combo of the those—Queerty has your can’t-miss recommendations for each.

So, get those watch lists ready; it’s going to be a very gay January.

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What’s new and gay on Netflix in February 2024

Spotlight: The 30th Annual SAG Awards (February 24)

The 30th edition of the prestigious Screen Actors Guild Awards will air live on Netflix this year—this first time ever that a major awards show will broadcast its show through a streaming platform. So, what can we expect from the big, glamorous night? Well, no host has been announced yet, but anticipate lots of Netflix stars as presenters, that’s for sure. Awards-wise, catch us rooting for all the LGBTQ+ nominees, including Colman Domingo (Rustin), Jodie Foster (Nyad), Matt Bomer (Fellow Travelers), and Bella Ramsey (The Last Of Us).

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Crossroads, 2002 (Feb. 1): Miss Britney Jean’s big star vehicle (written by TV legend Shonda Rhimes!) about a fateful cross-country road trip among friends, plus a very hunky Anson Mount.
  • Everything Everywhere All At Once, 2022 (Feb. 21): The mind-bending, timeline-hopping Oscar-winning masterpiece, featuring Michelle Yeoh and Stephanie Hsu as a fraught mother-daughter pair.
  • Through My Window: Looking At You (Feb. 23): The final chapter in Netflix’s erotic romance series from Spain, with a notable queer (and super hot!) male-male-female throuple.
  • Marcel The Shell With Shoes On (Feb. 24): The charming story small of a small shell with a big heart, who also happens to be quite beloved by the LGBTQ+ community.

Amazon Prime Video’s LGBTQ+ offerings in February 2024

Spotlight: This Is Me… Now: A Love Story (February 16)

When life hands you lemons, you make Lemonade an ambitious “visual album” of your own. At least, that’s what Jennifer Lopez is doing (we think?) with This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, a sequel to her 2002 album This Is Me… Then that comes complete with a reportedly narrative-driven musical feature film, set to feature a truly random assortment of names, like Keke Palmer, Kim Petras, Jenifer Lewis, Sofia Vergara, and… Neil DeGrasse-Tyson??? Sure, why not! Folks, we just might have a future camp classic on our hands!

Also Don’t Miss:

  • A Chorus Line, 1985 (Feb. 1): Michael Douglas stars in this a splashy adaptation of one of the first major Broadway musicals to address its characters’ homosexuality.
  • Scream, 1996 & Scream 2, 1997 (Feb. 1): What else is there to say? It’s the brilliant teen slasher that shifted the entire horror genre—and its note-perfect sequel!
  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Feb. 2): Honestly, there might not be anything gay at all about this TV adaptation of the ’05 movie, but we’re excited to see Donald Glover and Maya Erskine get flirty and feisty!
  • Bottoms, 2023 (Feb. 13): At long last, the funniest comedy of last year—starring internet darlings Ayo Edebiri and Rachel Sennott as high school BFFs who start a fight club to get laid.

What’s gay on the way to Max in February 2024

Spotlight: Dicks: The Musical (February 2)

We’ve been singing the praises of this truly batsh*t movie for a while now, but in case you need a refresher: Dicks: The Musical comes from the minds of NYC queer comedy staples Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, and is the the tale of two hot shot business rivals who find out they’re long-lost twins (Jackson and Sharp, who decidedly are not twins), and then devise a Parent Trap-esque scheme to bring their estranged mom (Megan Mullally) and dad (Nathan Lane) back together. Also, Bowen Yang plays God, and Megan Thee Stallion delivers an incredible show-stopping rap number—what more could you want?

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Bad Education, 2004 (Feb. 1): Mexican heartthrob Gael García Bernal stars in this drama from auteur Pedro Almodóvar about abuse in a Catholic school in 1980 Madrid.
  • Sex And The City, 2008 (Feb. 1): Well before And Just Like That… the iconic HBO series made the leap with relationship drama worthy of the big screen, plus Jennifer Hudson’s Louise from St. Louis!
  • Puppy Bowl XX (Feb. 11): Looking for something—anything—else to watch on Super Bowl Sunday? Well, ditch the pigskin and pick up some puppies in the 20th edition of the Animal Planet tradition.
  • Machete Kills, 2014 (Feb. 23): Danny Trejo’s vigilante hero is back for more in this bigger, bloodier, weirder action sequel, starring Stefani Germanotta, a.k.a. Lady Gaga as La Camaleón.

The best and queerest on Hulu this February 2024

Spotlight: Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans (February 1)

Slight correction here: Last month, the long awaited second season of Feud: Capote Vs. The Swans was spotlighted in our streaming guide, but while it premiered on FX on January 31, it didn’t actually arrive on streaming until February 1. But at least you were ready for it, right? Anyway, you wont want to miss this delicious, dishy drama, which recounts the story of Truman Capote’s (Tom Hollander) rocky friendships with a group of New York City socialites—the “original housewives”—played by a gaggle of gaggy stars: Naomi Watts, Calista Flockhart, Diane Lane, Demi Moore, Chloë Sevigny, and Molly Ringwald.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Call Me By Your Name, 2017 (Feb. 1): Luca Guadagnino’s aching, nostalgic Italian romance¯ the one that made Timothée Chalamet as star and… well, let’s not talk about the other guy.
  • Love Is Strange, 2014 (Feb. 1): Ira Sachs’ Passages was an indie hit, so why not check out his romance about an older gay couple played by John Lithgow and Alfred Molina.
  • Abbott Elementary, Season 3 Premiere (Feb. 8): The winning ABC sitcom returns for a strike-delayed season, and none other than The Other Two‘s Josh Segarra has joined the cast!
  • Monica, 2023 (Feb. 25): One of award season’s greatest indignities was its roundabout snubbery of Trace Lysette, who is jaw-droppingly great in this subtle, soulful indie with Patricia Clarkson.

All the gay streaming on Paramount+ in February 2024

Spotlight: Kokomo City (February 2)

We first saw this electrifying documentary well over a year ago at Sundance 2023, but it hasn’t left our minds since. Emerging filmmaker D. Smith makes quite a first impression with this gorgeous black-and-white documentary, which gives space to Black trans sex workers to tell their stories. Daniella Carter, Dominique Silver, Koko Da Doll, and Liyah Mitchell, are all endlessly watchable as the share their wisdom and anecdotes that are funny, shocking, heartbreaking, and eye-opening—sometimes all at once. It’s truly a must-watch.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Bound, 1996 (Feb. 1): Before The Matrix, the Wachowskis cut their teeth on this erotic crime thriller, with lovers (Jennifer Tilly, Gina Gershon) hatching a scheme to steal mafia money.
  • Clue, 1985 (Feb. 1): Well before Barbie, this bonkers whodunit proved that toys and games could make incredibly fun movies—of course, a killer cast of gifted comedic performers sure helps.
  • In & Out, 1997 (Feb. 1):  Ready to marry the love of his life, a small-town teacher (Kevin Kline) gets the surprise of his life when a former student outs him… at the Oscars! Ah, cinema!
  • The 66th Annual Grammy Awards (Feb. 4): It’s music’s biggest night, with queer artists like Janelle Monaé, Boygenius, Troye Sivan, and Victoria Monét competing for the night’s awards.

Peacock’s upcoming LGBTQ+ releases this February 2024

Spotlight: Couple To Throuple (February 8)

We’re just so thrilled to be living in a time when reality TV producers have finally realized that queer people just make for better TV! In this wild new dating show, four sexy, open-minded coupled are brought to a luxury villa, where they’re introduced to singles who are—you guessed it!—also sexy an open-minded, and attempt to see if they can find the right person to make their pair a trio. The catch here is that they’re all pretty new to non-monogamy, and with cameras rolling at all times, you just know things are about to get messy (in a fun way).

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Girls Trip, 2017 (Feb. 1): Queer icon Queen Latifah joins Regina Hall, Tiffany Haddish, and Jada Pinkett Smith in this raucous friendship comedy that still has us in a fit of laughter.
  • Bros, 2022 (Feb. 2): All the noise about box office aside, Billy Eichner and Luke Macfarlane’s gay rom-com remains genuinely sweet and funny. If you still haven’t given it a shot, why not??
  • Below Deck, Season 11 (Feb. 6): Far a’sea from any Housewives drama, Below Deck remains Bravo’s most underrated delight, featuring handsome gay Chief Steward Fraser Olender.
  • Oppenheimer, 2023 (Feb. 16): No, there’s nothing gay about Chris Nolan’s story of the atom bomb, but Oscar completists might like to know they can watch this 3-hour epic from home.

Here’s what’s queer coming to Tubi in February 2024

Spotlight: Wilde (February 1):

In terms of offering up a library of classic titles to watch, the other streamers can’t handle a candle to Tubi, which routinely refreshes their archives with new options—many of which are overlooked and underrated gems. Among this month’s offerings is Wilde, a dynamic biopic of the famed poet and playwright Oscar Wilde. Brit wit Stephen Fry plays the writer struggling to find his path forward after his homosexuality becomes known to the public. It doubles as a fantastic ode to Wilde’s distinctive prose, and features a fun, foppish turn from Jude Law.

Also Don’t Miss:

  • Rebel Without A Cause, 1955 (Feb. 1): Everyone’s got the hots for young James Dean, especially Plato, said to be the first gay teen character in cinema (played by queer actor Sal Mineo, no less).
  • Apt Pupil, 1998 (Feb. 1): A chilling thriller based on a Stephen King novel about a teen (Brad Renfro) who suspects a neighbor of being a fugitive Nazi war criminal (Ian McKellen).
  • Running With Scissors, 2006 (Feb. 1): Ryan Murphy directs this adaptation of Augusten Burroughs too-wild-to-be true coming-of-age memoir with a star-studded ensemble.
  • Safe, 1995 (Feb. 1): Queer filmmaker Todd Haynes made an early masterpiece with this tale of paranoia, with a stunning Julianne Moore in one of her best-ever roles.


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