Syncbot: A Cutting-Edge Interactive Masturbator Review

Syncbot: A Cutting-Edge Interactive Masturbator Review

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Welcome to this exciting review of Syncbot, a revolutionary interactive masturbator that combines advanced technology with immersive adult entertainment experiences. In this review, we explore the features, performance, and overall experience offered by this innovative device. Let’s dive in and discover what makes Syncbot a game-changer in the male sex toy industry.

Syncbot: A Cutting-Edge Interactive Masturbator Review
Syncbot: A Cutting-Edge Interactive Masturbator Review

Product Overview

Syncbot, developed by V&T, is the latest sex tech in the male sex toy market that has quickly gained attention for its impressive capabilities. This interactive masturbator connects to your laptop via a USB dongle and features PornGPT, a pre-trained AI model based on CNN technology. The SyncPlayer software analyzes local porn videos and uses this information to control the toy, resulting in a toy that moves in sync with the on-screen action, which creates a more realistic and engaging experience for the user.


Unboxing Syncbot is a delight, as the toy comes in a high-quality, sturdy box. The Lite version includes the toy itself, along with the Scabbard, which acts as the sleeve. The package also contains a quick setup guide, an instruction manual, and a generous 30ml bottle of water-based lube for a single session. The Synchub USB dongle is also included, and it houses the software needed for installation.

Appearance and Design

The sleek, all-black design of Syncbot exudes a modern and high-tech aesthetic. A cutout logo on the toy’s cap provides ventilation and keeps the sleeve dry. The touch panel on the surface offers intuitive controls, while the USB-C charging port is conveniently located on top. The device’s LED light blinks green while charging and turns solid green once fully charged. It also displays white for sufficient power, orange for 5 minutes of battery, and red for a dead battery.

Syncbot is lightweight, yet feels substantial, fitting comfortably in your hand. You can imagine having the toy in front of you while watching a POV blowjob scene where the cameraman is standing, with his partner kneeling in front of him. With the ability to mount securely to a table or hard surface, Syncbot provides a hands-free experience for enhanced viewing pleasure.

Making Porn Interactive:

Getting started with Syncbot is a breeze. Simply plug the Synchub dongle into your laptop and install the SyncPlayer software included on the USB drive. This software serves as both a local video player and an analysis tool. Drag and drop your favorite videos into SyncPlayer and initiate the analysis process. The built-in AI model parses through the videos, creating a control script that synchronizes the toy’s movements with the on-screen action. If you have a large video library, leaving it overnight for analysis might make sense, especially if the PC is not very robust. Your computer’s GPU will process the videos and run them through PornGPT, a pre-trained AI model. It’s worth mentioning that Syncbot currently supports Windows systems, with a Mac version in the works.

The most great part about Syncbot is its software keeps updating. Syncbot has already analyze any local porn but it will roll out SyncBrowser, which let you stream adult content from popular sites like Pornhub and effortlessly syncing it with your Syncbot device. When Syncbrowser meets Syncplayer, any online and local porn turn immersive.

Gesture Control:

Syncbot offers clever gesture controls through its touch panel. Double-tapping the middle part allows you to play or pause the currently selected video. Triple-tapping the bottom or top part jumps back or skips forward by 10 seconds, respectively. Swiping up and holding enables seamless scrolling forward in the video, while swiping down and holding facilitates quick video rewinding. Additionally, covering the toy with your palm reduces intensity instantly, allowing for a customized experience based on your preferences. You can easily decrease the intensity of the device or pause it simply by pausing the video. Its responsiveness makes for an amazing experience.

Real Experience:

Syncbot’s interior features magnets that provide gripping and twisting sensations, simulating the feeling of a satisfying blowjob. The soft and comfortable Ace-Cream material enhances the overall experience. The toy’s autonomous stroking motion eliminates the need for manual stroking, allowing you to relax and enjoy the sensations. SyncPlayer’s play bar displays blue parts indicating areas with movement or action and white parts indicating areas without action, where the toy remains inactive. With the ability to adjust intensity on the fly, Syncbot offers a pleasurable and customizable experience.

The soft rubber of the toy makes it easy to enter, while its three separate movements provide an extraordinary experience. Firstly, it can stroke up and down, but what sets it apart is its twisting main sleeve, which grips around your member and produces a sensation that is truly amazing.  When combined with the sensations of gripping, tugging, and rotating around the head of the penis, it truly is a remarkable sensation.

Although I generally prefer to withdraw before climaxing, I find this toy particularly exceptional for climaxing inside of it. Through gesture control and decreasing the intensity, I can prolong my experience even further.

Porn Analysis and Synchronization:

With its extensive training on 3.8 million hours of porn videos, Syncbot understands and adapts to a wide variety of content. The Syncbot surpasses expectations by not only detecting movements in videos involving heterosexual encounters, but also showing excellent performance with boy-boy action. SyncPlayer can analyze a wide range of videos, including penetrations and blowjobs, making it versatile for various genres. It can even handle close-up shots and solo action scenes, providing a quite surprising experience. Although the detection may not be perfect at times, this is a minor issue that can be fixed with updates.

App Control and Future Development:

Syncbot is continuously evolving, with exciting developments on the horizon. The official iOS app SyncFree allows users to control the toy’s motors independently, offering flexibility and freedom beyond content synchronization. In addition, an online version of the analysis software,  SyncBrowser, is set to launch on July 15th, 2023. This could allow users to interact with videos that are available on the internet. The pricing structure for this feature has yet to be announced.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Cleaning Syncbot is hassle-free. Before cleaning, ensure the dongle is unplugged, and then apply gentle force to separate the toy into its two parts: the scabbard and the dock. Use a damp cloth to wipe each part clean, ensuring to keep liquids away from the dock. Then run the waterproof scabbard under a faucet stream. The scabbard has a flap that facilitates water drainage on the inside.

For a more thorough cleaning, disassemble the toy completely, dry each part, and then reassemble. It’s advisable to recharge the toy after cleaning to ensure it’s ready for its next use.


Syncbot is a groundbreaking interactive masturbator that brings a new level of immersion to adult entertainment. With its impressive syncing capabilities and customizable features, Syncbot offers a truly unique and pleasurable experience. The product is already impressive, but ongoing development and future updates promise to bring even more exciting possibilities. So, indulge yourself in this futuristic pleasure device and let Syncbot change the way you experience intimacy.

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