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A HeartlandTG Recap

Carol & The Cougars rocked the party.

To those who have read my previous TGForum Tell Shelley Anne entries, you may recall my numerous mentions of HeartlandTG (HTG), an Oklahoma City- (OKC) based transgender group. I learned of the organization several years before Covid (funny how we often place a timeline around the pandemic) and I have come to know and interface with many of the gurls and trans women who attend.

Shelley Anne

HeartlandTG focuses on fun and personal growth, particularly for the less experienced woman or as they say, the “debutante.” The organization understands that it is difficult to be concerned about transgender issues on the geopolitical stage when you would just like to leave your house without being scared to death of being seen, or what people may think of you.

The first week of May, HeartlandTG hosted its 18th annual spring soiree and music jam.

The people who attended, some for as long as four days (it’s officially a three-day event), come from all walks of life and U.S. geographical locations as well as other countries. The conversation was lively, attendee wardrobes ranged from mild-to-wild, and the entertainment was delightful. Before I knew it, it was time to pack my bags and head out to Will Rogers World Airport in OKC.

Jess and Paige

Before I left, I penned my Top 10 list of things that stood out to me during that glorious weekend.

10. The People of OKC – I found Oklahomans to be quote welcoming, friendly, laid-back, and good-natured while offering a dose of hospitality. I think those were my previous feelings, but this visit cemented it.

9. The Weather – Fortunately, HTG dodged the tornadoes that have hit OKC in recent months and weeks wreaking havoc with the entire state. The temperature was mild, humidity was low (almost non-existent), and the rain didn’t interfere.

Take Shelley out to the ballgame.

8. Baseball – I am not one to be concerned about what others think of me in crossdress, even in a red state like Oklahoma. For years, I have ventured out, sometimes dressed to the nines. Learning of another attendee who had expressed interest in taking in a Triple AAA baseball game at the beautiful Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark, I expressed interest in tagging along. So, we ventured off on a gorgeous, warm Friday night. No jackets required. I was completely in casual crossdress (print pink top, white jeans, full make-up, you name it). My new friend, who goes by Presently Sarah, is a trans woman (MTF) and was mostly in black, except for her white Chaturbate top. Great company. Great game. The ballpark staff was welcoming, and even addressed me as ma’am. Maybe I am more than passable.


7. Uber Drivers – Every Uber driver I encountered was fabulous. They all got my top rating. The female driver who chauffeured me to the airport even engaged me in conversation about my nails. They were painted red. Yes, I flew home in crossdress. Didn’t run into a soul I knew on my flights.

6. The Hotel Wedding Party – There was a group of people from out-of-town who were staying at the official HTG weekend hotel. They were so enthralled by us gurls. Lovely and genuine conversation about why we crossdress. Everyone has a different story to tell.

5. Generosity – As a group, everyone to a fault, is so generous in their friendship and concern. One of the gurls (Paige) even gave her black feather fascinator that she had worn to the HTG Kentucky Derby reception to a hotel guest female admirer. 

4. The Entertainers – Vanessa (who you may have seen play News Orleans clubs), Viva la Diva and Carol and the Cougars headlined the spring event. The room was rocking every night with live entertainment.

3. Kentucky Derby Cocktails – Always a fun time sipping mimosas and exchanging gossip. I don’t know if anyone placed a bet on the winner Mystik Dan to finish first, but at 18-1 odds, even a $2 bet would have netted a nice return.

2. The Aloft Hotel – The Aloft (Marriott property), an LGBTQ-owned hotel was the site of this year’s spring event. The staff, from the GM, front desk, bar, and kitchen, were friendly and accommodating.

  1. HeartlandTG – Hanna, HTG founder and producer, makes everyone feel right at home. HeartlandTG, which recently received 501c3 non-profit status is now one of my go-to transgender events. I highly recommend it. For more information about the next weekend soiree (November 2024), visit

A closing note. I will be volunteering to be part of the planning committee for future soiree events. Sponsorships and attendee giveaways will make up a partial list of my responsibilities. If anyone wants to sponsor an activity or donate a giveaway item, please contact me at contact@the420areacode. Show HTG Sponsorship in the subject line. Thank you.

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