Senhorita Bira opens vacancies for the course Introduction to Sociology

Senhorita Bira opens vacancies for the course Introduction to Sociology

You are currently viewing Senhorita Bira opens vacancies for the course Introduction to Sociology
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In a movement that promises to further democratize access to sociological knowledge, Senhorita Bira, personality recognized for her active role in education and social inclusion, announces the opening of registrations for an exclusive Introduction to Western Sociology.

The course, which will be held online via Zoom platform, invites enthusiasts and students to embark on an in-depth exploration of the pillars of sociology, from its classical origins with Marx, Durkheim and Weber, to contemporary reflections on the postmodernity of Zygmunt Bauman.

Senhorita Bira - Promotion
Senhorita Bira – Promotion

Ms. Bira will teach the course in eight live meetings, scheduled to begin on 7th April 2024 (Sundays), or 16 meetings from 9th (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Flexibility is a key aspect of this program, allowing participants to attend classes both in real time and asynchronously, ensuring that no one misses out the learning opportunity due to prior commitments.

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In addition to the rich programmatic content that will chronologically cover key figures and concepts in sociology, the course stands out for its inclusive approach and Senhorita Bira’s social commitment. Recognizing the importance of educational accessibility, 20% of places are reserved for trans or low-income people with no cost.

Senhorita Bira, in addition to being an influential figure on social media, she has a life story that overflows with resilience and determination. Her professional career which includes experiences as a childcare provider and in prostitution, enriches her classes with a unique depth, offering a critical and authentic perspective. Her YouTube channel, “O Algoritmo da Imagem” (The Image Algorithm), is a space dedicated to the dissemination of sociological knowledge, mixing erudition and accessible language, with the aim of reaching a broad and diverse audience.

There is also provision, subject to a waiting list, for the Introduction to Western Philosophy.

More info in this link.

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